Wow, Kent Conrad’s a Tool

We need Republicans. Neeeeeeeeeed them. Need them so BAD:

“We’re less interested in hard deadlines than in moving the process
forward. The deadlines have had a disciplining effect. … What we
don’t want is for the process to bog down here. We want to keep moving
forward, and I believe we will.

That final piece, however, will require GOP backing — somethingSen. Mitch McConnell said was unlikely.The Senate minority leader said congressional Democrats are having difficulty selling ahealth care bill to their own members.

“The only thing bipartisan about the measure so far is the opposition to it,” said McConnell, R-Ky.

a reality a key Democratic senator acknowledged. Even though the
Democrats enjoy a majority in the Senate, some are skittish about the
financial or political costs of the proposals.

“Look, there are not the votes for Democrats to do this just on our side of the aisle,” saidSen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., the chairman of the powerful budget committee.

Well, there would be the votes for Democrats to do this if you and the rest of the selectively fiscally conservative attention-whoring fucktards calling themselves “Blue Dogs” would pull your heads out of your asses and at any point decide that you all are members of this party for a reason. If someone would tatttoo a picture of your Congressional majority on the back of your right hand so that every time you’re pulling your pud to the idea of getting on Hardball you would be able to see just how much goddamn blue there is. If maybe, just maybe, you’d stop demanding we all understand how hard it is to want to lick the mirror as much as you do and start considering whether wanting to kiss yourself with tongue just might be excessive self-regard.

Jesus Garden Weasel Christ, man, people are basically being assassinated by economics and waiting in lines for likenine hours to get a tooth pulled in a fucking BARN, right now, in the United States of America. And I have yet to hear anything that sounds like anything even close to an explanation as to why that’s okay.


2 thoughts on “Wow, Kent Conrad’s a Tool

  1. We are the world’s greatest nation. We have running water, electricity, and TV. What more is needed? Oh, and our Senators are well compensated by insurance companies and their lobbyists. And, the icing on the cake is that millions of jobs are created just to figure out more reasons for denying treatment by health insurance companies. Europeans just swoon over the opportunity move here and share our bounty. Now, add to that that we have the biggest armaments industry the world has ever seen. Puff out your chest with pride!

  2. Hoppy just nailed the bullseye–Conrad and his ilk are not “fiscally conservative,” they are bought and paid for by for-profit health insurance companies and Big Pharma, and they are marching to the rhythm of their corporate overlords. In order to foster any type of change, we must start in the primaries by only voting for candidates who support single-payer. The entrenched Washington bureaucracy will never do anything to derail their gravy train of campaign cash and position perks.

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