9 thoughts on “Sorry, Minnesota

  1. I’ve got a weird perspective, being a Texas native transplanted to MN, but I’ve always liked Favre, both for his exciting play and for the way he got Vikings fans all worked up. But I gotta say, what the hell is he thinking with this retiring/not retiring/playing for the Vikes/not playing after all crap? I used to think that he’d make an interesting color commentator, but now I think viewers would be too busy rolling their eyes at him.
    That said, I’m 4 years older than he is, and I can’t imagine already having to contemplate retirement.

  2. And today in the news, a grown man decided that he wanted to keep not throwing a ball around, after he had decided earlier in the year that he didn’t want to keep throwing a ball around, but then almost changing his mind, like he did every year for the last five or six years, except in those other years he decided to keep throwing a ball around. The big question this year was be about what color shirt and hat he would wear if he decided to start throwing a ball around again.
    Seriously, though, I love football, and this guy was a great player. But sometimes the absurdity of the level of attention given to the Favre story is overwhelming.

  3. favorite line came from one of my wisconsin friends: “it’s the vikings, farve could clearly QB for them in retirement.”

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