Nutso Attribution

Again, with the way-back machine to 2004, we didn’t go this crazy, right?

This is not Kanye West saying Bush doesn’t care about white people, or
Michael Moore saying something provocative while a guest on CNN (though
I challenge anyone to find Moore saying anything this ugly on anyone’s
program). This is Rupert’s prized employee appearing on his channel,
and doing the equivalent of shouting “fire” in a crowded movie house.
This is the sort of comment that I might expect to read about in some
SPLC missive concerning neo-Nazi websites, or the like. But as uttered
by the paid employee of Fox News, on one of the network’s shows?

I’ve just read some Fox spokesperson defending Beck’s right to
speak his views on the network as a commentator. Sorry…that’s
bullshit, and it doesn’t work. Murdoch has an obligation to edit
content just as does the editor of an op-ed page in a newspaper. It’s
not “anything goes” on the op-ed page of the Times, and it can’t be
“anything goes” from the mouth of Glenn Beck.

Traditional journalism has standards and gatekeeping and values attribution before publication and you can trust anything you see on a screen so long as that screen’s not attached to a keyboard! Right?


6 thoughts on “Nutso Attribution

  1. I was more of the opinion that Bush didn’t give a shit about anyone, and it had nothing to do with race at all.

  2. I like how they’ve completely abandoned the dog whistle. I mean, come on, “the white culture?” Why didn’t he just go on and tell everyone to keep their fair-skinned daughters under lock and key while the Dangerous Negro runs the country?
    I knew shit was gonna get crazy with a black man as president, but I did expect a little more subtlety from them.

  3. Which leads to the obvious question: Why is he still on the air?

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