Serious Business

Political distractions just happen all on their own, with no help at all from the press:

A dispute over their behavior when Crowley investigated a potential burglary at Gates’ house exploded into a national debate onracial profiling, fueled further when Obama said the police “acted stupidly.”

The episode has come at a political cost for the president, stealing attention from his agenda and drawing negative public reviews on how he handled the matter.

Stealing attention from his agenda. All by itself. You know, I’m not ignorant of the fact that Obama jumped into this on purpose, but what drives me wild is this political reporting that assumes that media “firestorms” simply “break out” and “distractions” appear out of nowhere fueled by absolutely nothing. It’s not like the nonstop cacophony of the Republican noise machine and the willingness of political opportunists to glom onto this in order to hawk their books on TV had anything to do with it. It’s not that editors and producers made editorial decisions to focus on this at the expense of the health care overhaul, it’s that it just became a distraction, all on its own. Amazing how that happens.

Obama, Gates and Crowley are expected to have their beers at a table near the Rose Garden. Gibbs said they will make no statements in the presence of the media. Reporters, photographers and video crews will be kept out of earshot. The wholepublic exposure may last less than a minute.

It should be just in time to get positive pictures of the men on the nightly network newscasts.

OH SNAP. You really got him there.


2 thoughts on “Serious Business

  1. Not only does this junk distract from conducting the critically needed national business, but it also distracts from starting a real dialog on racial relations.
    And the press is pushing both the Gates affair and Michael Jackson.

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