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  1. Something I’ve never really understood. Government is about making policy to be consistent. The Constitutiion is one over-riding policy document.
    Conservativism is about permanence. Folds in good with making a permanent system.
    Yet 4 years about when there was “support our troops” and “support our presdent – especially in war time” was there any question that this was a temporary, convenient spouting to silence debate?????????
    What a bad idea it would be to have this as a long-term. Yet they tried to make it policy and then abandoned it when the temporary convenience was gone.
    For that matter, would would be the long-term effects of making the Bush doctrine (and all sorts of things Bush was doing) a matter of permanent policy?????
    In short, if they are about making government, which is making long term policy, why do they so want to appear to be doing so when they want to abandon any and all policies when they are inconvenient?

  2. Jude, Jonah exposited on this a day or so ago, jumping up and down because this was just about to bust out and go viral and wasn’t he COOL for knowing about it?!!! Anyway, he brushed off any actual you know REAL connotation to the Joker (ha ha, can’t be responsible for what others think) as well as the very idea that it was in any way racist or connected to whiteface all in one fell swoop. Basically his whole take was: wow, shiny.

  3. Silly Athenae, that only counts when the President has an “R” after his name. Duh!

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