8 thoughts on “Dollar Bill Jefferson Found Guilty

  1. OT, but scout- did you see Shearer’s piece in Huffpo today, or read the Wash. Times pieces he references?

  2. Yeah I saw the Times piece and all I could think was where were they 3 or 4 years ago?
    I was in NOLA last week and I thought the city felt its best I’ve seen in post flood. I spoke with a NOLA blogger who said folks are blogging less because their lives are feeling more normal. I know there are still issues like Charity Hospital and NOAH but in spite of it all I think a great many people have pulled their lives back together…3 years ago I worried how so many would possibly do so with so little resources and support. The Times article would have made more sense back then.
    Just my 2 cents

  3. Yeah, you right Pansy. The money started flowing faster in January 2007. The city guvmint, however, keeps dropping the ball.

  4. Yes. The “recovery” has certainly entered its very own gilded age. Fundamental problems persist. The region is still in immediate physical danger from the next flood. Local governance is as corrupt and dysfunctional as it ever was. People are still poor and the local economy is still heavily dependent on a soul-sucking low wage tourist industry. The charter school experiment has added a mystifying byzantine structure to an already failing school system. A full 1/4 to 1/3 of the population has not returned. Many houses and structures continue to rot from neglect.
    But George Bush is gone so the country feels ok moving on. And since “people are blogging less” we can assume everything is just fine, I guess.

  5. I didn’t say everything is fine but whatever…sick of can’t say anything without the bullshit… IOW and not related to NO and speaking for myself…bs is why I’m “blogging less” …hmmm way less

  6. Sorry, Scout. But the “people are blogging less” = NOLA is back on track meme is getting thrown around a lot lately and it’s becoming tiresome for me.
    It says a bit about the bloggers’ sense of self-importance but more about the general tendency to wish troubles away. From my point of view, the city is just sinking back into the same set of problems it has always faced while the rest of the country turns its back.
    Funny thing is, I don’t even consider this a particularly pessimistic view of things. Life is troubles and conflict. We’ll deal. I think some of these bloggers (and the local news media is doing this too) prefer to see stories with clear beginnings and ends. But a thing doesn’t end simply because people stop reporting or blogging about it.
    Anyway I wasn’t directing “bullshit” at you specifically. Just making an observation.

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