Cupcakes and karma

As is evident to anyone with eyes and a cerebral cortex, people on television all too often get away with a bunch of crap and no one ever calls them on it. This is why people on couches throw stuff and/or curse at their televisions and is probably also why Elvis used to shoot at his. We of the couch potato nation are more or less cynically resigned to this state of affairs.

Which is whythis was so very delicious:

11 thoughts on “Cupcakes and karma

  1. Gah. In a just and righteous world, Christiane Amanpour would be running CNN and Kyra Phillips would be the reporter standing on an I-25 overpass giving the “man-on-the-street” view of our blizzards.
    And Helen Thomas would be god.

  2. What a douche-drinker Phillips is. What was up with that follow-up question? Did she really think she was making any sort of worthwhile point, or was it just a face-saving inquiry?

  3. shit, my previous comment is now gone. Anyway, the point is, I looked up Phillips bio. She’s no Amanpour but she’s not just a pretty face. But she still does all this stupid shit on the air. Below, cut and pasted from one of the comments on the original huffpo post, a collection of Phillips’ gaffes:

    Or when she accidentally called Leslie Sanchez a c**t on air:

    Or when she made a comment about “reverse oreos”

    Or her infamous “swagga” story:

    She’s got a lot of nerve questioning Helen Thomas’ professionalism.

  4. Helen Thomas is gonna sell her soul for a $2 cupcake.
    But Faux News is gonna be fair and objective under the ownership of Murdoch and their reporters invited to secret WH dinners?

  5. I always wonder what is actually coming from the on-air person’s brain and what is fed to their earphone to say by producers…the greater bunch of assholes there

  6. butbutbut obama gave her a big KISS! forget a cupcake. obviously a kiss is gone make her 89 yr old heart swoon. nevermind that georgee tried to sweet talk her, while ignoring her in the press room.

  7. Yeah, Kyra tried to make it seem like that kiss was what was going to push Helen over the edge. Kyra Phillips isn’t worthy to wipe Helen Thomas’s ass, much less be a news anchor. Of course, it is CNN, hardly a respected news outlet, so maybe Kyra is in the right place, after all.

  8. I am so glad that I opted to ditch the TV with the changeover to HDTV.

  9. Kyra Phillips is a girl with a very nice smile. (My mother taught me that if I can’t find something good to say about someone, not to say anything at all.)

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