Somebody Else’s Fault

The comments are predictable:

Yeah, Waukegan is in great shape due to all of the illegals that come
pouring into the city. Multiple families living in single family homes
sending multiple families to the schools yet paying only one families
property taxes to that school. The schools are in shambles. The
illegals are flooding the ERs at the hospitals and not paying making
quality health care in the area hard to get. They don’t pay so guess
who does? The paying customers, that’s who. I was at one hospital in
Waukegan a couple of years ago and I overheard the clerk tell one
hispanic man “sir, you have 3 social security cards here, which one to
you want to use?” When it came my time to do my check in I mentioned I
overheard that exchange and the woman just shrugged and said “that’s
the way it is”.

Something has to be done about this illegal
immigration. They are ruining the quality of life for us legal
citizens. Do you know in the city of Waukegan now you can’t buy a new
suit? You can’t buy a new book? There is no first run movie theater.
This in one of the top 5 largest cities in Illinois. All of the quality
stores have left and all that is left is dollar stores and payday loan
stores. They have ruined Waukegan and it’s spreading like a cancer all
over the country.

I just wish some politician with some stones
will step forward and so something about this. Illegal immigration is
killing our country and nobody is doing anything about it.

That code enforcement is responsible for establishing and upholding occupancy limits on single family homes, that the police department is responsible for preventing and addressing crime, that city, state and county taxing bodies are responsible for the rates which “drive” businesses out, none of this is quite as satisfying as blaming the brown folks, is it?

I actually sympathize with the writer some. Nobody wants to see their town go to shit and it’s easy to freak out and decide that the problem is the newcomers rather than the enforcement of the rules. After all, demanding your politicians and public servants live up to their responsibilities is hard. You have to leave your house, go to meetings, write letters, make phone calls, hold hearings, be a giant pain in the ass. You have to think, is it the fault of illegal immigration that crime is rising, or is it that the police department isn’t doing its job to keep you safe? Is it the fault of immigrants that DO exceed occupancy limits in a home or are code enforcement and building standards not calling up the absentee landlord who owns the slum that once was a mansion and saying, “Manage your building or we will manage you?”

As for businesses moving out and schools starting to suck, well, that’s Illinois’ vicious circle for you. Businesses move out to chase wealthy white customers farther into the western suburbs, and less tax money comes in for the schools. The schools can’t make repairs or hire people or buy brand-new books or equipment, and people start leaving for better school districts. Businesses follow them, leaving higher taxes on those who are left and less money coming in for the schools, which can’t afford … It’s maddening. So maybe next time someone comes along with an idea to fix the goddamn problem and end the cycle of redlining and punishment of the poor, actually vote for her instead of screaming about higher taxes and liberal big government.

It’s never pleasant living up to your responsibility as a citizen. It’s
easier to stay inside, draw the blinds, and sink into some selfish
nostalgia about how things used to be. And it is selfish, because while
it may make you feel temporarily better, it doesn’t help you or quite
honestly anybody else one bit.


10 thoughts on “Somebody Else’s Fault

  1. Oh, thanks, I hadn’t thought about Waukeegan in years… worked there for a while in ’78 – had a large Hispanic population even then. Rather scary place, but not for that reason. Seemed to have a real Dodge City vibe, lots of shooting going on, day and night. IL state troopers would harass us when we were out having a beer or three, but would blanch and get back in their cars when they found out that we were “construction workers from NY” which seemed to be code for mob enforcers. Apparently, Wauk. was a disposal area for Chicago. I found a nice Chinese restaurant near the hotel (long term rates!) – the waitstaff would stare out from the kitchen – they had never seen a haoli eat with chopsticks before.

  2. Hi A. Sorry to linkwhore out of thread (not the hose!!!) but the few stories I see about actual illegal immigrants – with names attached and everything – more often than not make them seemwholly admirable.

  3. Dan’s point was that most undocumented workers are good people who work hard and care about their families.

  4. I’m sure the author took it on themselves to posit a list of possible causes and then systematically eliminate the other things on the list?

  5. Damn, I’m old.
    You start seeing “Dollar Tree” or “Family Dollar” or “Dollar General” opening in a town with more than 4,500-5,500 residents, the economy’s about to go to shit.
    Been that way since I was a kid in Missouri, when the economy went to shit under Nixon. Family Dollar came in and took over where the Ben Franklin had been (it tanked and shut down). The stuff you can buy there is two orders of magnitude lower in quality than the crappiest of Wal-Mart’s Chinese junk. In third grade I blew out a pair of shoes a week from The Dollar Store, which annoyed my parents no end. (If they’d’ve been willing to buy the sneakers I wanted, we’d’ve gotten by with one pair; but they thought I needed “dress shoes” to wear to school, and I played softball at recess anyhow).

  6. i encounter a mexican + his son at the post office, the son was very polite and opened the door for me and he said YOUR WELCOME WHEN I SAID THANK YOU. i finally remembered gracias.

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