Dealing with Protests

Remember when Bush needed 14,000 cops in a country where owning handguns was illegal?

Scotland Yard is in overall charge of security for Mr
Bush’s visit – which begins on Tuesday – and on Monday said it had
increased from 5,000 to 14,000 the number of officers it will have on
the streets during the visit.

Mr Bush will also be protected by hundreds of armed guards from the US.

They will not be granted diplomatic
immunity, and will be subject to the British legal system if they shoot
anybody, the Home Office has promised.

Not that I’m all that nostalgic for the days of presidential thuggery but COME ON, people. Assault rifles at health care events? Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should DO IT.


10 thoughts on “Dealing with Protests

  1. Remember when folks were getting ARRESTED at presidential events for ANTI-BUSH BUMPER STICKERS and TSHIRTS?!

  2. “Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should DO IT”
    How else is one supposed to compensate for their penis?

  3. PGE has the mentality and emotional issue correct. Jerks with abusive personalties and insecurity issues. Bring the gun, look big and bad like a really bad movie actor and pretend everyone will bow down obey the dude with the big bad ass gun.
    America sure does raise some seriously insecure and needy adults.

  4. If these yahoos had showed up at a Bush “Kill Social Security” event packing their AR-15s, they would have found themselves on the first plane to Gitmo.

  5. I’d like to know if they carry their assault rifle everywhere or if they were wearing it special for the event.
    Either way, one doesn’t go to a meeting looking like Rambo for strictly sane reasons.

  6. If they would just go ahead and carry a sign that said “I have a tiny penis” instead, then they wouldn’t have to worry about it accidentally going off or anyone stealing it to committ a crime. Win-win for everyone.

  7. Left rev., who would want to steal a tiny penis? And, how does such a little thing “go off”? (Sorry)
    I am a cynic. My take on this is that the SS will never actually take serious measures to protect President Obama. They were devoted to protecting Bush and just about all other presidents, but there is just this little something “different” about Obama. As VirgoTex pointed out, just a very few years ago, simply wearing an anti-Bush tee shirt was grounds for being arrested. The SS was willing to trample the whole Constitution – remember “free speech zones” – to keep little George from even being irritated by the sight of disagreement. But, I seriously doubt any SS member having the slightest desire to do what it may take to protect the current President. Yes, I am a cynic.

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