Nobody Likes The Chimp

Chimpy is stuck at his all-time low job approval rating of 35% in the latest Diageo/Hotline Poll.

Bush Job Approval
Approve: 35%
Disapprove: 62%

This marks the second consecutive month he’s been judged at 35% job approval and the third month out of the last four.

But wait, it gets worse for The Chimpster. A majority of those polled, 51%, strongly disapprove of the job he is doing.

Bush Job Approval
Strongly approve: 14%
Somewhat approve: 21%
Somewhat disapprove: 11%
Strongly disapprove: 51%

Yet a plurarlity of those polled approve of the job Nancy Pelosi is doing as Speaker of the House.

Pelosi Job Approval
Approve: 44% (strongly approve: 18%, somewhat approve: 26%)
Disapprove: 32% (somewhat disapprove: 10%. strongly disapprove: 22%)

People no longer like Bush personally, either.

Bush Favorability
Favorable: 36% (strongly favorable: 17%, somewhat favorable: 19%)
Unfavorable: 60% (somewhat unfavorable: 11%, strongly unfavorable: 49%)

Nancy Pelosi’s favorability rating matches the Chimp’s, but her unfavorability rating doesn’t come close to his.

Pelosi Favorability
Favorable: 36% (strongly favorable: 15%, somewhat favorable: 21%)
Unfavorable: 32% (somewhat unfavorable: 10%, strongly unfavorable: 22%)

Meanwhile, America loves Hillary Clinton…

Hillary Clinton Favorability
Favorable: 53% (strongly favorable: 27%, somewhat favorable: 25%)
Unfavorable: 41% (somewhat unfavorable: 12%, strongly unfavorable: 29%)

And John Edwards.

John Edwards Favorability
Favorable: 49% (strongly favorable: 17%, somewhat favorable: 32%)
Unfavorable: 29% (somewhat unfavorable: 14%, strongly unfavorable: 15%)

2 thoughts on “Nobody Likes The Chimp

  1. 51% strongly disapprove???
    Has any other president ever polled that badly? I’ve never heard of a majority in “strongly disapprove” before.

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