PBJ Takes Home the Bronze

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Last night our guv walked off withthird place on Countdown’s Worst Person segment, demonstrating sufficient hypocrisy invying for transit funds he specifically derided during hisKenneth debut last February.

That said, wow but it would be nice if–at long last–passenger rail service was restored between Red Stick and NOLA. Indeed, it’s almost enough to make me ignore PBJ’s double standard. Almost.

I wonder if the media’s going to call him out, or if this gets conveniently swept under the rug. The same media that, in comparison, questioned Barney Frank for getting angry when someone asked if he demonstrated Nazi sympathies in wanting health care reform…

2 thoughts on “PBJ Takes Home the Bronze

  1. I like the idea of high speed transit. I’d love to say leave from Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing and go to New Orleans or some major city. I dislike airports and flying is more of pain in the arse than convience these days but a nice speedy train ride with a good book would be just the ticket.
    Jindal makes Louisana unattractive. He’s definitely not a good marketing aspect for Louisana. He’s more like a boil on the face of Louisana. I’d visit New Orleans inspite of Jindal and never ever because of him. I’m not fond of dirtbags.

  2. I can’t figure out why no one is publically connecting the current fight for high speed rail dollars to the fight, about a year ago, against spending money on high speed rail (which painted it as putting a rapid rail from (I believe) Los Angeles to Las Vegas so people could gamble more.

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