Jesus, Joe Klein loses the Internet:

I said that I was, in fact, one of his readers—that I read his column
and his blog and that it was precisely because I did know his history,
in detail, that I accepted Glenn’s critique of him, which of course has
always been extensively documented and linked. And then, in what might
be the piece de resistance of this little interaction, he screamed “you
don’t readme! You read
WIKIPEDIA! AND THAT’S LEFTIST.” He then added that he had always been
anti war and that I should “read his [Klein’s] stuff from 1993.”
Hmm…1993, were we at war with Iraq then? I rather thought that was a
different time, and even a different president. I take it that the
rationale behind that bizarre interjection is that, as far as Klein is
concerned, most of this is really old history at this point and what he
really wants to be talking about is health care reform.


10 thoughts on “I’M THE ALPHA MALE

  1. More like Joke Line, AlphaPoodle. NMMNB’s story made my Sunday morning. I’ll never be able to see Joke Line on the idiot box without imagining him choking on his sausage, sputtering about Greenwald and Wikipedia.

  2. “My name is Famale. Al Famale. I’m a hardnosed bigdicked in the know Washington journalist.
    “And what I know is:
    “Bloggers and Glenn Greenwald are mean to me! They use facts!! And, and history!!

  3. Joe Klein reminds me of an exfriend of mine who was pro war during the 1960s. When he found out that he was 1A for the draft he used a college fraternity friend to get into a National Guard unit in central Nevada.
    In 1974, he actually had the damn gall to tell me that he had always been anti war and that he bitterly resented the fact that he had to drive 500 miles to get to his unit’s monthly meeting.
    I attended a antiwar demonstration in Portland OR in 1968 or 1969 and he WAS there with the hardhats yelling “america love it or leave it.”
    I was the one who went to Vietnam.
    Joe Klein, you could have taken my place in that hell we created. Just exactly how did you evade the draft?

  4. “Civil rights extremist” is the one that keeps getting me. Joe Klein lives in America and hates “civil rights extremists.” They should engrave that on his fucking tombstone.

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