3 thoughts on “Hell Yeah, Lutherans!

  1. So, sexually active gays can be preachers? Are there specific sexual practices that are mandatory? And, are the nuances involved in those practices also to be monitored? I suppose this means that church minister hiring will be preceded by having a church committee spend a few nights in the prospective minister’s bedrooms? But, unless I am mistaken, some people are so crass as to engage in sexual activities in other rooms, or in automobiles, or even in the great outdoors. That church committee will have to be very active.

  2. So the screening dialog before:
    “Are you teh ghei?”
    “Are you sexually active?”
    {long pause} “Um…nnnooo…?”
    “Are you Lutheran?”
    “You wanna be a minister?”
    {series of questions regarding Lutheran theology}
    Which of these seems more pertinent to choosing someone for the Lutheran ministry? And which of these seems like an interrogation conducted by a sexually-repressed pervert? (Note that I chose not to include the subsequent questions in the Before dialog. Eeew.)

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