I Are A Sophisticate

My dear scout forwarded thisPowerline Post to me.

Your president speaks!

The folks at First Draft takean unfriendly look at President Bush’s extemporaneous comments in theRamallah press conference yesterday. With equal parts humor and malice, they slice the comments into bite-sized morsels and provide appropriate headings for them. I think I understand the comments all too well and hope to take another look at his statement when I have a little more time.

UPDATE: I mistook First Draft for Professor Richard Landes’sThe Second Draft. The folks at First Draft are among the sophisticates who refer to President Bush as “Chimpy.” Unfortunately, their take on President Bush’s Ramallah press conference is on target.

Posted by Scott at 6:51 AM

I are a sophisticate. So there. 😛

13 thoughts on “I Are A Sophisticate

  1. The only thing that Powerline ever got right
    is that name-calling like “Chimpy” does in fact greatly
    diminish the effectiveness of everything you (and half the other bloggers in the liberal blogtopia (AYSDITT)) write.

  2. Hey, Joel…
    Tell you what – when chimpy behaves like he ought as the President of the United States, maybe we will upgrade our epithets pertaining to him…until that time…this is me, not holding my breath. And if the effing mouthbreathers out there don’t like it, they can practice their own free speech. In the meantime I will exercise MY right to call a dumbass, a dumbass!
    Thanks for playing now go back to your parents’ cheetos-dust laden basement and lonely but sticky keyboard.

  3. joel is so right. I greatly prefer “feckless halfwit prince” or “le dauphin,” you know, something with a few more syllables to it.
    I was wondering where our troll infestation had come from. Now I know! *sprays bug spray*

  4. I dunno, A, I am rather fond of calling him “twatwaffle” and “fucktwit”. 🙂
    *cough…cough* enough spraying of the “troll-b-gone” for this morning…dang that stuff is noxious, but not nearly as bad as it’s target audience.

  5. i am astounded by the fact that they do agree with your take on the conference. does this mean some light is penetrating the dark? the glow is off for them?
    get ready for a troll infestation tho if you get noticed.

  6. My guess, pansypoo, is that Powerloin’s “Trunk” falls to the right of Chimpy on the subject of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.

  7. Virgotex, consider it done! In spirit at least, if not in deed. 🙂 I haven’t a tux, alas, however, here’s my onomatopoetic interpretation:
    (cl- clonk CLONK!!!)
    we B s’fisticatin’ ovah hyeah!

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