Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Well, looks like we’re stuck with Tony Farto again today (hat-tip to montag for the nick), I guess no one else wanted to go to Crawford.

Tony Farto Lectures A Former President

Q President Carter amended his comments over the weekend, this morning, saying essentially he didn’t mean to say that the Bush administration’s foreign policy was the worst in history, he was talking about it more in comparison with Nixon’s foreign policy. Do you have any response to that?

MR. FRATTO: I don’t think I have response — a specific response to that. I think it just highlights the importance of being careful in choosing your words. I’ll just leave it at that.

“The Importance of being careful in choosing your words.” This From The Guy Who Called Our 39th President“Increasingly Irrelevant”

The Iraqi Government Moves About As Fast As Cheney’s Bowels

Q Tony, you mentioned that when the President spoke to the Prime Minister this morning he got some updates on some of these key measures — the hydrocarbon law and constitutional review. Are we getting — is the President getting any commitments about when those things will happen?

MR. FRATTO: It’s very hard to put a sense of timing on some of these things. Obviously, we want the Iraqis and the Iraqi parliament to move as quickly as possible. Progress on advancing these initiatives is not moving as quickly as anyone wants, and I think that includes Prime Minister Maliki and many members of parliament.

So we don’t have a specific time frame on that. We want to see them move quickly. Obviously, those are elements of benchmarks that we’ve talked about and that Prime Minister Maliki has talked about. We think they’re essential for bringing peace and security and an equity feeling in a national Iraq that is, to a large part, based on those kinds of reforms. So we want to see progress on those issues.

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