Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome to the QTBS, where despite evidence to the contrary, we acknowledge the difference between jobs and careers and are supportive of both.

– We bought a VCR from a rummage sale for $2 to give The Midget a chance to watch some of her library-borrowed Disney movies upstairs on
the TV in our bedroom. (Part of this was self-interest, as the TV downstairs
has TiVO and a bigger picture when I watch baseball.) In any case, I finally
hooked it up, got it ready to go and I was going to test it with a tape she
had. I tried putting it in, but found that a tape was wedged in there already.
When ejected the tape, I read the label, which included “Dixie Bubbles” and “Lactamania.”
Yup. Chris Rock was right. People never find the porn in the secret hiding
place. It’s always in the VCR. Good grief…

– Speaking of which, random porn left in a VCR makes you at
least a bit curious, so I hit play. Let’s just say I forgot how bad the
fashions and hairstyles were in the 1980s and leave it at that. (Anyone out
there still own a four-string pearl choker you wear with your “Bananarama”

– But, but, but, but you meanthe MILITARY was not doing
Shocked… Just shocked…

– Happy Anniversary to First-Draft. In sadder news, here’s
another anniversary that’s not as cool.

– The Missus has often accused me of being a snob because
nine years of college and a wall full of degrees can make you a bit detached.
That said, I don’t think I’m out of line here for questioning the lack of brain
function posessesed by the woman in front of me at the gas station. She was a local
townie, mid-40s, acid-washed jeans and cowboy boots, yelling at her elderly mom
in the car who was filling her gas tank to the point of spillage while holding
A LIT CIGARETTE IN HER HAND. Every now and then, she’d take a drag and then put
it back near the pump. Let me get this straight: I’m not supposed to reenter my
car when I’m filling up because I might build up static electricity, shock
something and blow the place up, but Ellie Mae over here can puff away on a
Newport 100 without anyone thinking twice about it? WTF?

– I had to have a conversation with a kid on the student
newspaper staff about why it wouldn’t be a good idea to have his opinion editor
also serve as an ad rep. When the kid was a bit confused, I was a little
disheartened. Then, I read this and figured it’s not that he doesn’t get it,
it’s just that there is a great deal of this kind of thing going on around you.
It’s like growing up in Vegas and then trying to be told that not all women
wear glittering bikinis to work.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.



5 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. in each of our local newspapers (weeklies, a couple of dailies and a 2x weekly) the assignment “editor” is also the ad manager…

  2. CR’s wardrobe change at the 1:09 mark is messing with me to no end…

  3. Funny you mention smoking and pumping gas. The other day I was at Costco getting gas and the attendant (you pump it yourself, but they have people there to deal with problems and get you on your way) was talking to another customer. He said he had total sympathy for people addicted to cigarettes, but smoking at the gas pump is not acceptable. Apparently someone earlier in the day had to be old to put out his cigarette before filling up.
    I’m with you, Doc. WTF are these people thinking?

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