Redesign Comin’

The banner hasn’t been operative for some time, the sidebars are starting to get on my clutter-aversion bad side, and in general I think I need to rearrange the furniture so the urge to move into a whole new house will pass. I’m not planning anything too radical, but if any of you have anything you want to see, now’s the time to ask for it.


20 thoughts on “Redesign Comin’

  1. Aside from the outdated banner it’s fine. That said, I know the redesign feeling.
    While not redesignper se I recently dumped “Catagories”…Nobody was using them and scrolling through hundreds of the things was time-consuming.
    Anyhoo, the only thing to keep in mind is to not improve things by making them worse (Leave that to TypePad).

  2. If you could search by poster, it would be great. That way I can see what Jude or Virgo Tex are doing or have done over a period, that would be cool.

  3. I like what Doc says. The search function needs much improvement. But, otherwise, simple is the way to to go.
    Stay frosty.

  4. I’ll third that search function recommendation, Athenae.
    Yes, the banner could use an update, I reckon. If Scout has left, and Holden has left …
    Lord, I’m so old I remember when it read Team Phat: Pie, Holden, Athenae and Tena.
    Do you ever hear from Tena or Holden or Pie anymore?

  5. Ferret cam, 24 hours a day.
    If some semi-nude good-looking humans wander into the picture every once in a while, we’ll cope.

  6. I’ll throw up a fourth vote for Doc’s search function request. I’m going through and anti-corporate, anti-marketing phase at the moment, so you’re on your own regarding banners and layout. As long as you and the rest of the gang keep turning out great content, I’ll keep dropping by to read and occasionally comment.

  7. Ferret cam, 24 hours a day.
    If some semi-nude good-looking humans wander into the picture every once in a while, we’ll cope.
    Posted by: M31
    I’ll second this idea.

  8. Opportunities like this don’t come by every day, so I mustn’t miss this one. I would like to see an honest, ethical Republican Senator. We could keep him/her on the sidebar, feed him/her occasionally, and be doing the whole world a great favor. And, along with this I’m searching for a Democratic Senate Majority Leader who isn’t handicapped by vital missing body parts. (But, I realize that is probably hopeless.)

  9. …I’ve just spent the weekend stripping everything out of the master bathroom that isn’t held down by screws so we can manifest Mrs. Jack K’s vision of our new Dream Bathroom. The toilet is cowering in the corner because it somehow senses that it is next. So I’m not really in a “change” mood right now, but Doc’s search feature does sound nice as a way to track down some of the newer ‘voices’ (like Doc, for example)…
    I don’t need a 24-hour ferret-cam if there is any risk whatsoever that a fleeting glimpse of some semi-nude human form is of some otherwise uninformed visiting friend or relative whose body form factor is anything like mine…
    Just don’t change the url. I’m getting too old and lazy; I don’t want to have to go into my template to change the link…

  10. I’m just glad we don’t have to bring back Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle… even though, perversely, I miss it. I am so glad presnitt chuckle nuts isn’t in charge anymore. Thank you, Jebus!
    Oh, A, if you could, get O to pass the public option. That’s my request.
    ~ Z from ID

  11. Well, mostly, I like it too.
    But dang … the black-and-white, it’s loud!!!
    (yeah. I miss the red logo.)

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