Today on Athenae’s Obsession with Joke’s Comments

This is my favorite comment EVER and I wish to give its author an Internet:

The reading today is from the Book of Klein, chapter 73, beginning at the 13th verse:
And there were those who muttered against Klein, for there was
discontent in the Land of Bafflegab, and the Centrists were
discomforted. And there arose a mighty man of valor, that was named
Greenwald. And around him were acolytes, many and pathetic, and they
did say many unkind things, even unto publishing alarmingly accurate
reports of things said at picnics, which did mightily enrage Klein, so
that the blood rushed to his head and the steam out of his ears. And
Klein took up his word-processor to smite them. Vast was the
word-processor, of sounding brass and luminous silicon, and the length
of it was seven bull-sh*ts, and the width of it was three. And the
prophet Hoekstra blessed Klein and anointed him with his own manly
juicings, and Klein went forth to battle. And as he issued from the
Gate of Broder, through which a camel may not fit, the face of Klein
was terrible, and his chariots numberless as the secret WMD sites of
Iraq. And Klein came down unto the Plain of Fisa, and confronted
Greenwald, who was a stripling youth, armed only with a sling…


10 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with Joke’s Comments

  1. Oh. My. God! Before this is all said and done, Klein will be nothing more than a quivering mass of pre-evolutionary protein jelly.

  2. Some people just have a unique talent for landing a hammer squarely on the head of a nail. The guy/gal who wrote that comment is definitely one of those people. Beautiful!

  3. Don’t kid yourself — most of the people who read Klein don’t even know what a blog is, and wouldn’t be caught dead reading one because “anyone can start one” which means they haven’t been anointed as Experts by Big Media.
    His readers’ ignorance will save him.

  4. And BuggyQ did see the comment, and the comment it was good.
    BTW, I’ve been reading God’s Secretaries, about the writing of the King James Bible. Freakin’ awesome. That there’s some damn fine use of language.

  5. That was a brilliant comment, wasn’t it?
    What I like about that whole post and comment section is that old Jokeline is notoriously absent. Not once does he visit his fearsome countenance on the commenters to smite them with his wordsome fury.

  6. Postscript: In an awesome display of cluelessness he followed that post with another titled “Non Sequitur.”
    If Joe Klein didn’t exist the blogosphere would have had to invent him. He’s a slightly more subtle Glenn Beck.

  7. I haven’t visited the swamp in at least a couple years, but I made an exception in this case, having read Aimai’s post about her exchange with the Jokester, and so I was surprised to read Gummo’s comment above about the ignorance of Klein’s readers. When last — lo these many years now — I visited, he was regularly getting roundly smacked in the comment thread, with only a very small number defending his appalling scribblings.
    Frankly, I expected that Time would be bringing in the big trucks and filling the swamp in so the real estate could be put to some constructive use. I guess I had a better opinion of Time than it deserves.
    That being said, the responses to Klein’s proud incoherence and admitted ignorance are enormously entertaining, and I thank you for the link to today’s internet party.
    P.S. Nice new header!

  8. Dan, that was very cruel to point out Klein’s following post “non sequitor.” Now I am going to lose another hour of my day because I have to go stand under the hottest water I can stand and scrub myself.

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