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When I put upa post asking for donations for a care package for leinie’s son and his fellow servicemen and women in Afghanistan, I thought maybe we’ll raise a hundred bucks. Get a few pounds of coffee, some phone cards, a video game, put it in a box and send it over there with a note saying we’re thinking of you and please come home safe to your parents.

When we got to $250 that first day, I thought holy shit. And I thought hey, let’s see if we can raise it to $300, nice round number, easy to keep track of. When you got it to $400, Itotally and completely jokingly mentioned $500, thinking damn, these people are out of control. This is a lot of coffee. I wonder if we’ll have to get some kind of import/export license for all this stuff.

Then I went out of town for the weekend, to visit a dear friend, and was telling her all about you guys and your diabolical plot to overcaffeinate the U.S. military in Afghanistan, and was pretty much offline for a few days. I should leave you all unattended more often, because by the time I got back yesterday afternoon, you had raised the fund toSEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS OH MY GOD.

It will take a couple of days for Paypal to transfer the money to a bank account where I can access it, but probably on Wednesday or Thursday Mr. A and I and the camera are taking a gigantic shopping trip, and we will post the pictures. And we will mail the stuff overseas. And in a week or two (hopefully not much longer) a lot of people in harm’s way are going to know how much you care about them. You’re amazing.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, who lent suggestions and words of support. I hope I sent a note to everybody who chipped in, and if I missed anyone I’m so sorry, but thank you all again. Thank you thank you thank you.


13 thoughts on “Care Package Update

  1. I’m speechless. I truly don’t know what to say. You guys are so awesome. Thank you. It’s inadequate, the words don’t come close to conveying all the emotion inside of me, that you would do this. Thank you. $700? That’s unreal.
    It’s an ugly economy, and I read the news and it’s ugly most of the time, and I see all kinds of selfishness that seems to be driving things in our politics, and then, you guys do this.
    This is a like a shining spot of generosity and good faith and positive energy that I’m going to look back on, again and again, to lift my spirits.
    I won’t speak for my son or the guys in Afghanistan, but I know that they will appreciate this. What a lovely, lovely thing that you have done. Thank you.

  2. This is really awesome… you guys don’t know what it can mean to have someone back home remember you… but it means a lot.
    Among the best “care package” stuff SP received? The knitted booty slippers that kept my toes warm when the boots were off! And they were of a splendid multi-color pattern!

  3. SP: no can knit. Can crochet. What colors best for “over there” — something neon/bright, or some variant of cami, or …?

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