Weekend Question Thread

I realized recently that I can take a lot of criticism, really. I wasn’t always so good at it, confusing (as you do) being good with being loved, but I’ve gotten to the point where even harsh critiques don’t bother me much. Condescension, though. Smuggery. Those boil my blood every damn time.

What gets your goat?


20 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I’m so used to condescension and smuggery it rolls right off.
    What gets my goat is meanness — the simple lack of kindness, neighborliness.

  2. Personally, I am most bothered by people who can’t admit to a mistake, whether an error in judgment or a simple oversight: any bad result is always someone elses’ fault.
    Even worse are the sub-category who can’t even accept a “no fault” resolution to a problem, can’t let it go as an accident or a misunderstanding. They won’t stop until someone else takes complete and total blame.
    There’s just no point dealing with someone like that.

  3. When other people’s empathy fail profits them.
    When people claim to be neutral about something they profit from.
    When they fail, intentionally or not, to see that there but for the grace of god goes John Bradford.
    That gets my goat real good.

  4. I’m with dorothy on people who can’t admit to making a mistake, but even worse to me is people – especially businessmen – ESPECIALLY newspaper owners – – who seem to feel that they CAN’T admit to making a mistake.
    Look, just because you express confidence no matter what doesn’t make me have more confidence in you. It actually makes me have less confidence because you sound oblivious and foolish.

  5. Whet,
    I agree. There’s this idea that admitting mistakes makes you look “weak” (c.f. Bush, G.W.), which I completely don’t understand. If you honestly believe you are always right, then you can’t possibly improve any part of your life. Ever.
    To me, someone who can’t admit to making a mistake comes across more “narcissistic” or “crazy” than “strong”. And “blasphemous”, too–can’t forget “blasphemous” here in the Bible Belt…

  6. Condescension and people who do not listen. The worst is when someone does both. That boils my blood and then I have to make Goat’s Head Soup, which is only a so so Stones album…

  7. Well, there’s a lot of shit that irks me, but, for right now, I’m going to say: Hipsters. Fucking goddamn douchebag privileged mooching cocksucking asshole no-load good-for-nothing fucking hipsters.

  8. Hypocrisy. Just about everything that annoys me to the brink of violence stems from someone being a hypocrite.

  9. Tell us what you really think, Jude. Stop beating about the bush. I think you and my friend Jeffrey of the Library Chronicles are soul mates on this subject.

  10. Being misquoted or misrepresented. Drives me nuts.
    People who can’t admit they’re wrong and simply apologize when they are; possibly because it took me years to learn how to do it.

  11. Willful stupidity. The person who says “I don’t know shit about X, but I don’t need to know anything. I don’t WANT to know anything, and I’m going to tell you you’re wrong anyway.”
    I may comment a lot on stuff I know diddly-squat about, but at least I’m willing to learn.

  12. Cruelty, especially people who cut me off and won’t listen, and refuse to talk out our disagreements. I have former friends who decided to completely cut me off and haven’t spoken to me for many years. These were people I had long-term relationships with spanning over a dozen years each.
    I don’t think Bush was worth losing them over.

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