I don’t usually have spuds for breakfast but I like oddities. This video surely qualifies. It was sent to me by my darlin’ wife Dr. A. Yes, you heard that right, another A has joined the First Draft famiglia. Mr. A meet Dr. A.

I used the Italian word for family since this weird little gnocchi free video comes from Italian teevee sometime in the late ’70’s and features Rita Pavone who, apparently, was a household name in Italy back when the Red Brigades were kidnapping former Premiers and cutting the ears off rich dudes. It was a heavy time but this is a silly tune:

7 thoughts on “Potato

  1. Love it, Adrastos! You can never have too much silly pop, especially foreign language silly pop.

  2. Where are some Red Brigaders now that Silvio Berlusconi presents such a tempting target? 😀

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