Get Over It

Okay, I was fine with chilling out on the Joe Wilson Dopapalooza. I was actually okay with no censure vote. I could have let it go. Really. The most I was going to do was a nice, civil post about why the “you lie” accusation was dangerous because it undermines the idea of good faith negotiation in Congress (which is, incidentally, why the British Parliament has rules about that–you cannot accuse an MP of lying, even in the free-for-all that is Question Time).

And then a friend told me it wasn’t a big deal. That Democrats should just get over it.


BuggyQ SMASH!!!!

Just like we should get over the theft of the 2000 election. Like we should get over the lies that got us into Iraq. Like we should get over the outing of Valerie Plame. Like we should get over the torture in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Like we should get over the politicization of the Justice Department. Like we should get over the use of terror threats to game the 2004 election. Like we should get over warrantless wiretapping.

Like we should get over Katrina.

Fuck that shit. You know what? I’m not getting over it. Ever. I’m not forgetting the crap they’ve pulled on us. I’m not letting it go. You know why? Because they never stop doing it. Every time we roll over, they stomp on us again. Every time we cave in the interest of civility, they spit in our faces again. Not just the Bush administration, all of them. The Glenn Becks, the Rush Limbaughs, the John Cornyns, the Katherine Harrrises, the David Addingtons, all of them.

Is this the hill I want to die on? No. But how many hills do we give up? We’ve given up the fucking Himalayas already.

Let’s fight back. Censure his ass, and then get his opponent elected. From here on, my goal is to make a teabagger cry every fucking day.


(Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation, Jude.)

12 thoughts on “Get Over It

  1. The get over “continous poor immature behavior” mantra is why republicans continue to get more and more out of control. Even a bratty kid gets chastised. One would think holding an adult male to a much higher standard than that of a snot nosed out of control ill-raised brat would be automatic.
    The excuses for adults being plain old assholes is what got us the assholes in the first place.

  2. And if Johnny grows up, behaves in a dignified manner, studies hard, and learns to get along with people, he can grow up to be a Congressman?
    Don’t forget, these are the people that we hold up to our children as role models.

  3. I think it’s a good idea to let them flail around without much comment. Their selfishness is obvious to everyone, their motives are clear, and the undecided are stepping away from them and towards the light.
    On the upside, the 75% of doctors who support a public option reform package seem to be writing more letters to their editors.

  4. Look, that Wilson guy is bought and paid for. He will roll over for anyone that contributes money. The rich and their MSM needed a distraction from the speech. That it was totally staged is shown by the republicans around him that never flinched. Have you ever had someone behind you yell loudly and not turn around?

  5. All the more reason to make something of it, evil is evil. As David Waldman put it over at Kos, it’s already a distraction. Let’s make it a distraction that costs them *something*. Make it hurt them to do stuff like this, and maybe, someday, they’ll do a little less of it.

  6. Obama’s good with all the stuff you listed, actually. Hasn’t done anything about Plame. Hasn’t stopped the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo torture other than to outsource it to Jordan and other “friends.” None of the incompetents with church school mill diplomas who were installed in the DOJ have been removed. Terror threats? Still out there, just like the fricking color coding. We just have a slightly darker GWB in the White House.

  7. I’d like to add to Aaaaarghs’s comment above that Obama has also not cured cancer or reversed global warming, which are promises he made to me personally.

  8. Excuse me. Calling the President a liar (which is true enough, though not on the particular point Wilson used) is not remotely comparable as an atrocity to Katrina or Iraq. Not even the 2000 stolen election. Getover it, and pay attention to things that matter, like Obama’s continuation of rendition, his blocking habeas corpus for prisoners at Bagram, his killing of Afghan children, his support for Israeli atrocities, his waffling on health-care reform. (Will there be a “public option” or won’t there, Barry?)

  9. Way to miss the entire point of the post, Duncan. Go back and read the second half, please, and then we’ll talk.

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