“As if that matters to freedom-loving Americans…”

From the newly-launched website of thePresident’s Food Safety Working Group.

In the coming months, at President Obama’s direction, the U.S. government will take long overdue action to protect American families from foodborne illness. This action includes new rules and standards to reducedangerous infections caused by Salmonella and E .coli O157:H7, better approaches to outbreak response, and vastly improved Federal coordination of food safety efforts. Together, these initial efforts represent a down payment on a stronger food safety system that will deliver greater value, more thoroughly prevent illnesses and more effectively promote the health and well-being of theAmerican people.

Michele Bachmann (R-Logical Fallacy) translation of the above:


That is, if you haven’t already died on the highway in your tiny-ass Government Motors car, or frozen to death because you can’t afford high-priced Government Electricity.

9 thoughts on ““As if that matters to freedom-loving Americans…”

  1. CrispyShot says:

    [/Bachmann constituent hides his head in shame]

  2. CrispyShot says:

    [… AGAIN.]

  3. spocko says:

    Bachmann would have you let your babies drink melamine tainted milk like they did in China?

  4. pansypoo says:

    she’d let more than that happen if obama was against it.
    is it so wrong to have the AC at 80 in summer.
    is it so wrong to set it at 68 in winter. has she heard of putting a sweater on?

  5. Athenae says:

    If Obama wants to come to my house and take the Doritos and the pound cake away from me, he totally can. Someone needs to. Seriously, get this shit out of my house.

  6. …if Obama ever makes an absolutely positively declarative statement advocating the progressive benefits of breathing in and out on a regular basis, I’m willing to bet that Gov. Pawlenty will shortly thereafter have a vacancy to fill in the 6th Congressional District…

  7. stillemank says:

    probably adapt list cost live total 103

  8. tobinsix says:

    further recent pollution disputed

  9. keltonwink says:

    substantial medium regions stance lapse indicate

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