This Is What Socialized Medicine Drives You To


Those crazy Canadians. Before seeing this pulp cover I had no idea that Canada had ten, count ’em, famous criminals back in the day. I think of Canadians as very polite folks who are the best neighbors in the world even if they have an actual Conservative Prime Minister these days. Of course, Mr. Harper has the good sense NOT to mess too much with socialized medicine.

This post is, obviously, not about the effect of socialized medicine but is a rather self serving exercise to point you toward a regular feature at my own little corner of the interweb. I have a longstanding interest in pulp paperbacks and their cover artwork. The more lurid the better. So, if you’re interested, check out this week’sPulp Fiction Thursday post; especially if you want to learn more about dancing sandwiches…

Okay, back to the hunt for desperate Canadian criminals on the run from the RCMP. Hell, they may even use the evil guvmint run system to fix their gunshot wounds. Couldn’t happen in the US and A: they’d go to a croooked vet or a drunken quack.

Uh oh, I hope I’m not in trouble for shameless self-promotion. I also haven’t said fuck enough since coming on board but I know how to redeem myself, quote my late, great friend Ashley Morris:fuck you, you fucking fucks. Speaking of the Perfesser, my friend and fellow NOLA blogger Mark Folse went to an event featuring the writing staff of HBO’s upcoming opus, Treme. He chatted up David Simon who hinted that there will be a character partially based on Ashley in the show.LINK.

8 thoughts on “This Is What Socialized Medicine Drives You To

  1. First Draft isn’t REALLY about the F word all the time. Some of us don’t like to work blue. Except in the crack van.

  2. Yeah, I know. Any pretext for mentioning Ashley. I only work blue some of the time. Dr. A dislikes the f word as much she liked Ashley. I use him for cover.

  3. A character based on Ashley. I’m trying to mentally cast it and failing.
    I was just telling somebody about him this week.

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