Okay, Now I’m Really Alarmed

I’ve tried not to take the teabaggers as any kind of OMG TERRORIST THREAT, mostly because they’re the same stupid assholes you can find at any Burger King or tailgate party who will gladly tell you that they’re not racist, they just don’t like “all those black kids who talk loud” or some such (I’m not gonna link to the Dan Riehl post, it’s too depressing right now) and it’s just so DUMB.

Then I woke up this morning to discover they’re freaking outLITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS.

I mean sweet holy Jesus I thought the site had been hijacked whenGreg pointed me its way. I checked my calendar. I checked my blood alcohol level. I checked to make sure the carbon monoxide detector hadn’t gone off. This was the premier Kerry-hating Muslim-hating DEMONrat-hating site of all time, the place that made even the Freepi look reasonable.

And now? Look at the comments to the post:

Picture 1: Flat out racist.
Picture 2: Racist Nirther.
Picture 3: Racist Islamophobe Nirther.
Picture 4: Racist Nirther.

~75% of racist bullshit (based on this little unscientific poll) comes from Nirther conspiracy kooks.

Step 1: Get rid of the goddamn nirthers. Relegate these bastards
back to the JBS fringes of the Libertarian party where they belong. The
remaining racists will be fewer and easier to shun. The adults in the
party outside of the commenters here should have been hammering these
idiots from day one.

There are also walrus/seal macros. MOCKERY. Questioning is one thing, but mockery?

Thank God we still have the Freepi to remind me of the teabaggers’ influence and righteousness. Though this does seem to be mostlya wingnut-on-wingnut mudfight, I am still incredibly freaking disturbed to find things on LGF with which I even remotely agree.



15 thoughts on “Okay, Now I’m Really Alarmed

  1. A, if you’re not familiar withSam andMax, Freelance Police, you need to be.
    “Holy jumping weasel critters on a hot cross bun!”
    And the cartoons themselves are even better.

  2. Don’t forget the way entertaining knock-down, drag-out slapfight between Johnson (who’s mostly ignoring the slaps) and the tag team of Pam From Atlas Juggs (whom CJ derided as a racist for going to the big AryanCon 09) and Robert Stacy McCain (who CJ also called a racist and a nimrod to boot) who can’ stand to see a cad get all up in a Lady’s grill like that. Pammy and Stacy windmill those slaps like they’re playing paddleboats. NOw THIS is ENTERTAINMENT.

  3. Did some research and apparently it’s something LGF created.
    Nirthers – Refers to those who believe in the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama is not a legitimate citizen of the United States. Comes from a misspelling of “Birth Certificate” that appeared on a Nirther website. The conspiracy itself is sometimes referred to as the “nirth certifikit” theory.

  4. Hadn’t heard of “nirther” either, but I assumed it was a combination of:
    Northerner (you know what we think of them yankees who won’t go home) and
    the N-word (as we hate them).
    Oh, and Dr2Chase, there is a series of video games based on Sam and Max where you help them solve crimes. Definitely worth it for a fan.

  5. Apparently, Charles Johnson has been slipping slowly back towards sanity for a few months now. I have to assume he must have woken up with fleas often enough to finally question what he’d been lying down with for the past eight years. Naturally, a significant part of the wingnutosphere immediately began to jump on him with both feet, driving him and the remaining LGF crowd even further away from the worst of the extremists.
    Don’t you love watching these little internecine slap-fights from the outside?

  6. Hilariously, when I clicked on the link to LGF, the Google ad at the top was for “Muslim Matrimonials” “The International Muslim Matrimonials Site!” Go ahead, guys. You know you want to.

  7. Oh, and Sam & Max rock. “I have been authorized by the jurisdiction of whatever city this is to punish you in whatever way I can think of.”

  8. Funny that you should post a pic of Anonymous picketing the $cientology org.
    Takes me back – you see, I was one of the original alt.religion.scientology critics on USENET, back in the day that the $cienos were crapping themselves (and crapping all over the newsgroup) in the realization that there was no centralized point of command for them to sue or blackmail.
    The first netroots, if you will…

    Oct 17 1998, 2:00 am
    Newsgroups: news.admin.net-abuse.usenet, alt.politics.nationalism.white, alt.religion.scientology
    From: Tommy
    Date: 1998/10/17
    Tim Thorne wrote:
    > Dave Bird wrote:
    > >Tim Thorne writes
    > […]
    > >>Egan, maybe you’d missed my earlier reply to similar comments?
    > >>No one from HFW is canceling/superseding anything, We are as much a
    > >>victim as you. Someone is following us from group to group, attacking
    > >>people who we’re flaming, and naturally, we’re ending up with the
    > >>blame, just as they planned. It really is odd how a lot of people are
    > >>paying us so much attention these days, don’t you think?
    > >Hey, I’ve got a suggestion: why don’t you just GO AWAY and stop
    > >bothering this particular busy newsgroup (alt.religion.scientology).
    > >Then everyone here will think you are fine fellows…
    > You don’t read too well, do you? Pass this post to your mum and get
    > her to read my previous comments to you. You obviously haven’t
    > understood it too well.
    > And for your information, I’m not in a.r.s. You only see my posts
    > because they’re crossposted. You know what a crosspost is, don’t you?
    He was asking you to trim your replies. You know what “trim your
    replies” means, don’t you?
    If you don’t know how, I’m sure you could find someone to help you.

    ‘I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.’
    — Hubbard, 1967 letter to his wife submitted to the court in the
    case, authenticity unchallenged by LRH/CoS lawyers

    My favourite sig line during this time was by the Great Stephen Jones:
    “A walk down the path of history is crunchy with the crispy corpses of
    those who pooh-poohed or ignored the clown car of ridicule when it
    pulled-up to the curb.”
    Still applies today, IMHO.
    I’m feeling very old now, and am going to bed with a glass of warm milk.

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