Care Package Update

Hey everybody. I just got word that our care packages have safely arrived in Afghanistan!

From leinie:

Got this message this morning:

Subject: Just thought you should know.

“We have recieved those packages that was sent by your blog group. The
coffee is outstanding and I dont think anyone expected to get such high
end stuff in acare package. Please send my thanks to all. Thank you.”

You’re all pretty great, you know.


11 thoughts on “Care Package Update

  1. gyma says:

    That’s terrific! Good job, Mr. & Mrs. A.

  2. It was a privilege to be part of this. Thanks.

  3. Oskie says:

    Ah, dang… and I was having a bad day. Now I’m all cheered up! Thank YOU Athenae for making it so easy to help.

  4. Hot damn!

  5. Sue says:

    Let us know when you’re ready to do it again.

  6. TheOtherWA says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m so glad they liked it!

  7. liprap says:

    I echo Sue. If they want more, we can get more.

  8. I love each and every care package I receive. I just love the smell of balikbayan boxes smells imported,hehe.
    Daniel Roberts

  9. thorntunhe says:

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  10. odomivy says:

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  11. I love each and every care package I receive.
    Daniel Roberts

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