Malaka Of The Week: Paul Kinsey

This is a first: a fictional character as malaka of the week. I had considered piling on Lamar Alexander for his “Obama is just like Tricky Dick” comments butMichael and Athenae did such a good job giving him virtual swirlies that I decided to mock one of the Mad Men instead.

Paul Kinsey is the pompous, bearded, pot smoking, semi-boho character onMad Men. He has some rather unusual techniques to, uh, stimuate his creative urges. That’s right, I’m using the word malaka in its literal sense, Kinsey, in short, spanks his monkey hoping the combination of booze, jazz and malakatude will give him a killer idea for a campaign for Western Union. Instead, Kinsey is inspired by a conversation with a Greek-American janitor named Achilles. The malakatude, however, continues when Kinsey gets drunker and forgets to write his idea down. It’s hard being one of the Man Men, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Paul Kinsey

  1. Come on now! Who amongst us has not tried the combination of booze, music and masturbation to get the creative juices flowing?

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