And While We’re At It, Just Bite Me So Hard, John McCain

What a nasty, bitter, bitchy little putz:

Republican Senator John McCain, later at the Reuters summit, advised Obama to tread carefully in a town where political enemies come with the territory.

“I think I’ve been around this town, in the view of many, too long. But
long enough to see what the Greek god Hubris will do to
administrations,” said McCain, who lost the2008 presidential election to Obama.

“Andif I were advising the president, which obviously in the
administration I’m not
, I would encourage them to tread very carefully
in making enemies intentionally,” he said. “I’ve found in Washington
you pick up enough enemies just conducting your normal life without
going out and picking some out.”

Emphasis mine. You know who makes me crazy, like really really makes me crazy? People who let opportunities to do the right thing pass them by, and then flap around making up excuses why they didn’t do the right thing. You wanted to advise the president, John? You wanted to give the president the benefit of your all-inspiring words of wisdom, your learned counsel, the hard-earned truths of your life and your world?

Well, you had the fucking chance to do that, and you fucking fucking blew it. You could have been someone and did something important when, during the most critical election of our time, you could have abandoned the Let’s Keep Going This Clusterfuck Tastes Like Ice Cream Party and been a part of something extraordinary. But no. And even in 2008, you could have run your campaign in a way that wasn’t a national disgrace and an embarrassment, and still have been respected by people for what you’d done in the distant past if not what you’d done recently. But no. Again.

When presented with chances to act like a grown-up you passed them all by, and now you want to jaw about wisdom and hubris? About enemies? And about how you’re not advising this administration, except through the Sunday talk shows? Give me a fucking break.



6 thoughts on “And While We’re At It, Just Bite Me So Hard, John McCain

  1. Plus: classical education FAIL. There is no “greek god Hubris.” The cliche he’s reaching for is “those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” He’s doing the “last in class” mashup with “Pride goeth before a fall” and “I know there’s a greek word out there that will make me look like I didn’t snooze through school.” But basically: what you said.

  2. i think fux gnews hated obama first and has been trying to destroy him from the beginning. obama just hit back. bullies HATE that.

  3. pansypoo beat me to it. Kinda hard to “make” an enemy of someone who is already your enemy. I think John meant to say “labeling enemies”.

  4. Typical repub tactic of the last decade – we attack you and blame you when you stand up for yourself.
    After all, it worked against the blacks for 100 years before civil rights marches.
    In related news, NPR reports McCain is coming out strong against Net Neutrality. Now imagine your internet provider, who has few to none competitors and is often a municipal sanctioned monopoly (I’m in a rural area and only have one choice).
    Now imagine your provider after Rupert Murdoch buys it and makes it a division of Faux enterprises.
    Why would you want to assure net neutrality?

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