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Stolen from a Typepad prompt: What was your favorite childhood toy?

I had a pink stuffed hippo I carried with me everywhere and slept with at night and basically loved until it was more like a pink stuffed pillow: no ears, feet, tail or eyes. My mom still has that thing in a drawer somewhere, I think as blackmail material.


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  1. My Star Wars Action Figures. I played with those things until the arms fell off, then I begged for more. I was so anal about the loose blasters and shit that I secured each one to its proper owner with rubber bands.
    I also had a landspeeder, an X-wing, and a droid factory, but I never got the Holy Grail…
    The two foot Millenium Falcon.
    Leave em in the package???? Are you nutz???

  2. I had a red with tiny whit dots stuffed elephant. It was actually hand made for me by a family friend – had plain old shirt buttons for eyes – and I slept with it every night, using it as a pillow. I had to have Ellie with me or I wouldn’t sleep. I still have that thing – it’s in the top of my closet in the other room.

  3. I remember being absolutely obsessive about a Lite Brite I had, so much so that seeing the same old machine in my son’s kindergarten classroom had me mesmerized once again…don;t know where his teacher got it from, but it was like a great time warp sitting in front of that thing and trying to recreate a train picture on it. I even halfway remembered what the number-to-color codes were. Newer versions of the thing may be skinnier and easier to use, but there was nothing like that clunky light box you could push pegs into to your heart’s content.
    Raggedy Ann comes to mind, too, and I couldn’t get enough of the books and the toys…until I saw the animated musical movie that was made of Raggedy Ann’s adventures and got so freaked out.
    It was so insanely surreal at times…but I knew after that I really wanted a Camel With The Wrinkled Knees, largely because he seemed just as baffled and freaked out by the movie as I was, and he was IN it. Never got one, though. 8-(

  4. Legos. Especially once they came out with the space ones–those were awesome. I still love playing with them–I bought my godson this cool plane/harrier one this summer and we built it together. And when I was in San Diego a couple of years back, I went to Legoland and nearly went into shock from the joy. The best thing I bought there was the Lego Advent Calendar–a new toy every day, and you could combine them in all sorts of ways. Oh, man, that was cool.

  5. As for my version of a ‘wubbie’ I had a plush bird that I named “DuckSwan” (since it’s species was indeterminate). Though I had had a pillow that I wore to a frazzle, down to where I had a remaining strip of the fabric as a bow around my teddybear’s neck until DuckSwan replaced it.
    I had many fave toys growing up, the “Show-n-Tell”, playdoh toys, FP airport (and garage), easy bake oven, barbies…
    However, the most memorable artifact is my “Teddy Oso” – a chartreuse and white teddy bear that is about 2′ tall. It was a gift to me from my grandparents when they first saw me (I ws 6 mos old) when we finally went to Spain (where grandfather was working). It’s memorable because it was in my lap a few years later as I sat unbelted in the passenger seat of the ’66 (something or other) Mustang when we were hit head on by a drunk driver in a station wagon. As I was not restrained, Teddy Oso was my de-facto airbag of sorts and saved my 4 y.o. life. I only sustained cuts/bruises and a shattered tibia (or was it the fibula or both? too young to remember) just above the ankle joint. The docs weren’t sure if I would walk again. I went on to not only walk, but dance. 🙂
    I still have Teddy Oso – I always will. (oh, and the little device in his lower area still ‘toots’ if you push on his rear!!! LOL!

  6. Okay. I guess this makes me sound old, really old, and I am and maybe weird…but one of my favorite things when I was a kid was what I called my “blue board”…it was a light blue linoleum on one side, board, that was about 3 feet by 2 feet…it was huge to a kid…and what I used it for was to have a base to build legos on, to use lincoln logs on, to draw on, to mold clay on, to do just about any kind of playing that I did, I wanted to do it with the blue board as my base of operations. I carried this thing around with me all over the house. I think I liked it because it enabled me to make things anywhere, I could do it in bed, in the living room, outside, whatever. I remember it being heavy too since it was about an inch thick, so I was always dragging it around with me. I also know that I threw some fits when I couldn’t find it.
    I also lost my mind playing with little toy dinosaurs that came in Fritos bags…now this was in the 60’s, way before dinosaurs took over as a kids obsession…I had about a dozen of them and they took the place of dolls for me. I was a tomboy kid and I HATED dolls, Barbie’s in particular. But with the dinosaurs, I would play with them as if they were girls and gave them all girl names and even made some dresses for them. So, those dinosaurs also had houses and things built on the blue board.
    Yeah, we lived outside of town and I never had anybody to play with, so I did have an odd upbringing.

  7. When a very young child, a Tom (as in Tom and Jerry) puppet. Originally it had a pull string and some sort of recorder inside. There was also a plastic Jerry that stuck to Tom’s hand, but lost that…
    Later a child’s erector set. Built a moving car with it…and that was the extent of my engineering skills (till I built a few bicycles from parts in my twenties.)

  8. I had a really old first baseman’s mitt that I took everywhere when I was 5 to 8 years old. It was a gift from my dad’s friend Harry Danning who was a former New York Giant. Harry, however, was a catcher and it was an Eddie Waitkus glove. He was the Phillie 1B who was shot by his girlfriend in the late 40’s; that was the basis for the same plot line in The Natural. Oddly enough, I hate the Phllies…

  9. My Smokey the Bear doll. When I took it to college with me, my roommate tried to give me a little of the old your’re a “silly” man. Fool didn’t have sense enough to expect someone with a doll to try to kick his gonads through his brain. He recovered and got two women pregnant before he dropped out.

  10. Modeling clay. I was sick a lot as a child, and clay could be formed into all sorts of cool things. I didn’t use much of the red colored clay, but the blue was great for manufacturing Union cavalrymen, and the yellow for their buttons and the brown for saddles on plastic horses.
    And comic books, especially Scrooge McDuck. I’ve wanted my own money vault swimming pool ever since.

  11. My White Tonka Tow truck. They were indestructible.
    We used to play a game where we would roll the truck down this steep driveway and two other trucks would be at the bottom waiting. The goal was to wait until just the right moment to push your truck up at the truck coming down. Sometimes you would miss. Sometimes you would hit it. When you hit it, it would be great demolition derby. We would do that for hours. Later we did the same with hotwheels, but they were much more fragile so we went though a bunch of them.

  12. I had a huge stuffed snake, which I called Snakey since I wasn’t very creative back then. And I slept with it at night. Very Freudian.
    it explains a lot. Really.

  13. Southern Beale: OMG I had a huge stuffed doughnut I called Doughy. I too slept with it at night. I can’t believe I just figured out what this means!
    No wonder I’m overweight.:-)

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