Wow. Just Wow.

Every time I think Republicans in Congress can’t get any pettier …

For the past week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office has
been looking for a Republican co-sponsor for an utterly
non-controversial resolution honoring the legacy and role of Hispanic

None came, his office confirms.


5 thoughts on “Wow. Just Wow.

  1. Jude says:

    Really? The guy who was appointed to fill Mel Martinez’s seat won’t co-sponsor it? LeMieux’s barely had a chance to wear his own ass groove into the seat, and he won’t say anything nice about Hispanics?
    I wonder when we’ll see all the stories about how partisan and uncivil the Republicans are being.

  2. MapleStreet says:

    To ask the obvious questions:
    How does this resulution compare to other meaningLESS resolutions? Let’s face it, there are a bunch of really lame resolutions. I would think honoring the role of media in informing a significant group (not to mention, the strong potential of those who are informed to become involved) would be rather appropriate.
    Will anyone in 2010 note the lack of republican support from them Hispanics?

  3. Geeno says:

    Yes – Hispanics will

  4. pansypoo says:

    make the tent bigger. just keep the white fatties i guess.

  5. bikelib says:

    Have you spent any real time around the people referred to as the “GOP base”? They specialize in nursing petty grievances; real and imagined. I grew up surrounded by these folks. Narrow-minded and insecure. Real healthy combo.

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