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What was the worst haircut you ever had?

After my grandfather died, I had all my hair hacked off. I wanted to look like Winona Ryder but wound up looking like a cross between Pat Benetar and a shorn sheep. But that pales in comparison to when I had long long hair and got a spiral perm. I have very thick, frizzy hair and this turned it into a huge, lumpy Caucasian ‘fro. God, the 80s sucked.


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  1. Ohhhh, Athenae, I feel your pain on the spiral perm. I looked like a cross between the Bride of Frankenstein and Sarah Jessica Parker in the Square Pegs era. To make matters worse, when I get my picture taken with a flash, my left eye tends to blink faster, so I look like a stroke victim. During the bad hair era, I got the idea that if I worked really hard to keep my eye open, I could avoid that. Instead, I looked like I was about to boil your rabbit.
    Good times…

  2. First time I went from the “barbershop” of my childhood, to a “men’s hair stylist.” Must have been in the early ’70’s. A place that advertised “Roffler” cuts. Had no idea what I was doing, just got tired of “short back and sides” and new if I was going to be a man (at the tender age of 16, because I’m sure I drove myself), I needed to get a haircut from someone other than my father’s barber.
    You think the ’80’s sucked? Nothing compared to hair “styles” in the ’70’s. I don’t even remember it. I just remember I didn’t want to go out in public, not even to walk out to my car.

  3. Wanted the curly hair. NEEDED the curly hair, especially after having been asked in eighth grade if I ironed my hair, it was that straight. My mom took me to her hair salon, where they finally gave me a perm that took for longer than a week, and I kept doing it for two years, until we moved to central PA and couldn’t schlep to see the stylist from there.
    I should have taken my cue from my dad after I came home from that first perming session: he took one look at me and proclaimed quite loudly that I looked like a poodle. I brushed him off instead and maintained the curls for as long as I could with loads of gel that gave the hair the texture of corn flakes until the next perming session – and, amazingly enough, I actually did manage to get one “good” school picture where the hair framed my face and looked nice in a late ’80’s sort of way – but boy, looking at other pictures of me from that time shows that I more closely resembled a blond Chaka Khan or Roseanne Roseannadanna.

  4. My worst haircut was probably also my best haircut. I got a mohawk w/clippers from my buddy who worked at a kennel the summer before my senior year (’86). There was silence at the dinner table because of the tension from my Dad until he finally said ‘It looks like you got your hair cut at a kennel’. My ‘I DID get my haircut at a kennel’ response did not go over well.
    Since then I pretty much stick to short with clippers but since that means different things to different people and I don’t care all that much (see, used to get haircut at kennel) I end up batting about .500 between decent haircuts and ‘Eh..it’ll grow back’.

  5. pictures of me from that time shows that I more closely resembled a blond Chaka Khan
    I feel for you.

  6. no bangs wasn’t good + i have cut them poorly once in a while, but overall, i have geneticly awesome hair. tho, i kept long hair too long. plus, i never did a ‘trend’ cut.

  7. Mine was a haircut I got as a student traveling in Europe in the 70s. I went someplace cheap and got a haircut from a student or apprentice there. It looked like Prince Valiant, only much worse.

  8. Oooo, the perms! My hair is fine and thin, and perms made a lot of hair break off. I looked like the love child of SJP and Alfalfa (from Little Rascals) as the new hair grew in and stood straight up among the ringlet curls.

  9. When ever we went to the barber my dad would ask, “Where did you get your hair cut.” We would say the name of the barber place and he would say, “I usually get my cut on my head.” and laugh. We caught on to that finally and when he asked, “Where did you get your hair cut?” We say, “On my head!” he said, “I usually get it cut at the barber shop!” Ohhhhh busted!
    I went with the parted in the center feathered back for YEARS past when it was trendy. Finally a dear dear friend bought me a hair cut from a nice gay guy in the Castro. it was great.
    When my brother and I were kids they gave us both crew cuts, Mine didn’t look too bad, but my brother’s pointed out that my parents were told not to flip the baby when it was sleeping so you could see his MISSHAPEN SKULL! (At least that is what I told him was his problem. He is older so he responded by punching me in the head.)

  10. Shortly after I got married, and money was pretty tight, my wife announced that if I would buy the clippers and scissors she would cut my hair from then on. Well, she did cut it, and my ears too. And, the next time I went to a barber, his first question was, of course, “who cut this last?” And, I of course lost all my manliness by saying, “oh, my wife did it”.
    Years later my teen age daughters both cut my hair, and did a pretty good job at it too, so the clippers and scissors weren’t a total loss.

  11. Flattop. My three cowlicks and hair that was either limp or curly depending on the humidity absolutely defeated all the Butch Wax I could slather on it. My good buddies all had flattops; my brother-in-law had a flattop; hell, my UNCLE had a flattop. And most of them didn’t even have to use Butch Wax. But after months of greasing my head and sleeping on pillows impregnated with pink axel grease, I sorrowfully gave it up as a bad job. Of course, that was back in the day when I actually HAD hair to grease…

  12. I remember a “pixie” cut in the early-mid 60’s -I was SO upset! Fortunately, no pix survive (or maybe they never took any of me until it grew out to about shoulder length!)

  13. oh, there was that shag back in the 1970s … everybody else in the world wore Farrah’s hair, and I had Steve Austin’s.

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