ConservaChrist® and His Roman Buddies Celebrate the big GOP Win


You might think that what amounted to (no pun intended) a wash in an off year election, not to mention a rather sound rebuke of the idea that local issues are merely “parochial” and should never get in the way of a good old fashioned ideological witch hunt/purge wouldn’t be subject to the sort of spin cycle that, if not inducing motion sickness, at least makes your teeth sore.

But…that’s not how the new GOP, aka, the party of “Abby Normal, sees things. “Up is down” would actually represent a return to something more logical, at least on these days’ highly relative/curved scale.

What’s weird is watching the media play along…it’s one thing to not want to be perceived as “librul,” twisting yourself into a pretzel to avoid getting tagged by Abby Normal speaks volumes, and not in a good way.

6 thoughts on “ConservaChrist® and His Roman Buddies Celebrate the big GOP Win

  1. Thanks y’all, and sorry for the late reply (am still having to be careful with what I read at work.) To tell the truth, I was also pretty happy with how the picture turned out, and, full disclosure, it was something I’d done previously and was looking for a good reason to use (usually, I do the opposite.) In case you’re wondering, the Gatorade pitcher comes from a shot of Bill Belichick…and, of course, Mel Gibson helped with the rest.

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