Keep Your Hands Off Pop Culture’s Pointy Objects, Kids

So I actually TiVo’d “V” last night because I was curious, and … wow, so not the new Galactica. Annoying in all the ways sci-fi can be annoying, in that everything is very clean and slick and pretty, the aliens despite coming from a whole other planet are one unified culture with no religious or political divisions based on country or ethnicity, and are patently evil except nobody notices at first because for this kind of thing to work humans have to be sheep. Morena Baccarin is very pretty. Elizabeth Mitchell is very pretty. Hot Father What-a-Waste is very pretty. Other than that, feh.

But I knew when the aliens described universal health care as their dream vision for taking over the world that this would make allthe wingnuts beat their meat with joy. And it would be annoying if I didn’t know from following the reaction to BSG all these years that there will come a moment in the life of this show (if it survives past a third episode) when the supposedly evil people will do good things and the supposedly good people will do evil things, and the complexities will make their brains implode.

The BSG thing was that the Jonah types decided that human = neocon and Cylon = Muslim, and then sometime around season two or so BSG started pointing out that just because the humans got blowed up ain’t a reason to act like total assholes. Then the humans became, as generations of guerilla fighters have before them, desperate bloody murderers living under an occupation, and the wingnuts who had previously adopted Col. Tigh as one of their own hada complete flip-out in very public fashion and sent toasterfuckers hate mail. Nobody cared, of course, because when you’re the creator of something you don’t have to give a shit that ten wingnuts think you’re evil, and also IT WAS SO STUPID.

In short, I just really wish they’d stop squirrelling around looking for things to validate their worldviews because it’s very rare that there’s a perfect fit in pop culture. It leads to idiocy like members of Congress calling for “last stands” and other things that only occur on screen anymore. At least, you’d better hope to God that’s the only place they occur because no matter how much fun it looks like when the action figures do it, when some secret lizard person clocks you with a tire iron it’s not a good time anymore.

Plus they think they’re the heroic freedom fighters who alone out of all the sheeple know the truth? Um, kids, you were the first ones at the Wingnut Welfare Bush Youth rallies a couple years back. You’d be signing up for the Visitor Peace Ambassador program and tagging fence posts in a second. Come on. This is worse than when all the 101st Keyboarders watched 300, got boners and decided they were the new Spartans.


7 thoughts on “Keep Your Hands Off Pop Culture’s Pointy Objects, Kids

  1. I knew it. Once I heard about the health care angle, I knew that watching this show would just piss me off. Thanks for letting me know I was right to give this a pass.

  2. our current pop culture seems to be obsessed? overrun? with zombies.
    As in, rotting corpses raised from the dead, tottering their way across the landscape. Oh, and searching for brains; somehow they’re always searching for brains. And Ghod, do they need them.
    Sometimes they find a brain and make a go of it (BSG), sometimes not so much.
    After V suffers head-implosion, I expect “Space 1999” to dig its way out of the crypt. After that, the Star Wars Christmas Special will get turned into a series. The horror, the horror.

  3. It was mediocre in the beginning but whoever owns the franchise must have photos of some big Hollywood names with goats or at a GOP fundraising event. V has “legs” to keep coming back.

  4. Aw, it’s okay…we’ve got the Doctor Who final trilogy coming up soon, and Dollhouse keeps getting better. And for a girly take on sci-fi, try CBC’s Being Erica (on Soapnet in the States). And then, the new Steven Moffat take on Doctor Who, which is bound to be brilliant.
    Plus, I’m getting tired of the militaristic sci-fi stuff…BSG was obviously a lot more than that, but it still irked. I’d imagine V will be afloat in it, but since I couldn’t fucking stand the first version, I won’t be watching this one, either.
    And what a waste of Morena Baccarin. Wish Joss’d follow through with the bandied-about “Serenity” prequel, already…

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