First Draft Fundraising Continues

New posts begin below.

I get a question a lot, variations of “What do you write about on your web site?” or “What is your blog about?” And I usually respond with “it’s about cat macros, Chris Dodd and making fun of shitty news stories” because it is. I joked a while back that the closest thing we had to a mission statement was TRY NOT TO SUCK. It’s not a joke, though, really, because that’s what we do around here. We try not to suck. We try to stand up for what we care about not just with our words but with our work, and we do the job as is put in front of us to do. Try not to suck, that’s reductive, but it is true for all that.

Thank you to those of you who’ve given already. To those of you who haven’t, please consider supporting us in our mission.


4 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising Continues

  1. If my personal economy were in better shape I’d toss you a few nickels. Do you take IOU’s? b/c I really do.

  2. You forgot the crack vans. And ruminations on the deeper meaning of BSG!!
    These are important cultural icons.
    Are you going to start posting on V?

  3. Done! Thx for all the Crack Vans — and Tommy T, Adrastos, Doc, and all the other contributors (including Holden of sainted memory — hope he’s doing OK these days). And the ferrets, can’t forget those hilarious guys — nobody covers mustelid madness like First Draft!
    Not to mention giving us The.Best.Rants.Period. on the Intertoobz, from the lovely and talented Athenae herself. Whose voice is the one I aspire to attain when I grow up!

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