First Draft Fundraising Week Begins

All right. We do this once a year, ask those of you who read the site and like the site to support the site. Cat macros ain’t cheap, y’all, and the ferrets need new shoes for school.

Seriously, in the past year we’ve done some work I’m really proud of, like covering the election (and by “covering” I mean “posting drunkenly in the crack van until 4 a.m. and standing for nine hours in a crowd of similarly hopped-up political lunatics in a city park while Wolf Blitzer, the dicksmack, autowittered on about numbers”) and the convention before that. Plus all the nonsense since then. Speaking only for myself, if I couldn’t have talked through the tea party nitwittage with you all I think I would have finally become convinced the world had gone mad.

We’ve brought on a LOT of new voices, reached out to a lot of places and put our work where our pixels are in public schools and in care packages. It’s hard to say what made me prouder of this site: The way Mr. A staggered down the stairs with all those heavy boxes full of stuff bound for Afghanistan or the photos of journalism equipment bought for school kids coming back to us.

I’ve also been working, behind the scenes, on building up some alliances with the local blogger contingent here in Chicago. Beyond meeting some great folks and exchanging some links, everything’s still in the “wouldn’t it be cool if …” stage, but it’s a start.

I’m not going to plead poverty or guilt anybody into giving; this economy sucks hard and you’ve been generous all year to various projects we’ve done. But if you can give, and you feel this place has added value to your Internet experience, hit the donate button top left.



4 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising Week Begins

  1. i am getting a new cap on tues. no dental insurance, just discount on immediate payment. i will never have money i suspect.

  2. Glad Emptywheel mentioned that this is Fundraising Week over here. Also glad to help you keep up the good work. We need more excellent blogs like yours.

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