Weekend Question Thread

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

(I know, I know, we’re all good DFH’s here, we only eat organic carrots after a prayer of thanks to the vegetables for giving up their carroty lives for us, seriously. For me? Real old-fashioned fried-in-oil potato chips and onion dip. OM NOM NOM.)


39 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Mine is more substantial but bad for you nonetheless: Popeye’s Biscuits. They’re made of pure lard but lard are they good…

  2. That’s funny–I associate potato chips and onion dip with Winston Churchill. I spent the January of my freshman year in college eating that while reading his history of WWII. Talk about the freshman fifteen.
    I don’t really have a single comfort food. My biggest problem food is pancakes, tho. Bisquick pancakes with log cabin syrup. I have simple tastes.

  3. Cheesecake, without a doubt. I sneak a piece now and then when the warden isn’t looking. And, feel guilty for a few days as a result.

  4. i feel no guilt. and popeyes biscuits USED to be the best ever. tho, i sort of like eating bad while watching Biggest Loser. lately HOMEMADE caramel and dipping apple in it. i eat french fries with abandon. bacon bacon bacon. tho, i do feel guilty about eating meat. but i shall NOT give up gravee!!! shall i make a pork roast or brisket this week? mmm, piggieeee.
    sigh. i have to eat cheesecake in moderation cause my innards can’t seem to handle it.

  5. Fried chicken, it should be banned. I’d probably eat broken glass if you covered it in bread crumbs and spice and fried it.

  6. Re: Potato Chips
    I had this thing called a potato blossom at a carnival this summer in Michigan which I highly recommend to natural potato chip lovers. It’s six bucks and you get to watch a guy impale a potato on a lathe, fry it, then scoop the one long continues potato mobius strip out with a strainer, only to very carefully dump the strainer onto a cardboard plate, leaving a perfect hemisphere of continuous natural potato chip.
    My favorite guilty pleasure is the Chicago hot dog combo (w/fries) at Jake’s with a chocolate milk.

  7. more than one, for sure, but one I’m acutely aware of at this time because I’ve been abstaining, and likely will continue to abstain: cheeseburgers. A really good old fashioned hand-cooked cheeseburger with onions, tomato, lettuce, tomato and either pickles or jalapenos. The only fast food version that comes close is Whataburger.

  8. Cinnamon sugar graham crackers used to dig cheap vanilla pudding out of those individual plastic cups. Word to the wise: Don’t eat a box of the crackers and a six-pack of the pudding before going in for a diabetes test. Sorta skews the results.

  9. Keebler Danish Wedding cookies. I can’t even grab for the box anymore at the grocery store, ’cause I know exactly what will happen…I’ll try to ration them out and settle on a nice round number that will eventually expand to include the WHOLE DAMN LOT. I must admire the delectable little goobers from afar.

  10. A freshly baked loaf of french bread with whatever the hell I want on it. Lotsa butter is usually involved. Maybe olive oil. Maybe large chunks of whatever cheese I want.
    Don’t get me started on how much red wine could be involved.

  11. Oh, well, right now…the dk choc cov’d marzipan I bought earlier… YUMMMMMM! Almost anything I eat while in New Orleans is what I consider a guilty PLEASURE, it all tastes better there.
    Racymind – this week my evening meal 3 days consisted of French bread, smoked cheddar and red wine! I felt sooooo decadent…and yet, healthy…the grain in the bread, the calcium in the cheese and the antioxidants in the not-overpoured red wine. 🙂
    I blame it on hearing Nigella Lawson talk about the pleasure of food earlier in the week. 😉 I want to be her when I grow up!

  12. Any kinds of nuts. Peanuts in the shell, mixed nuts in the can. Freshly roasted nuts. Salt, no salt. Just keep some mixed nuts around and I’ll be a very well behaved guest. Your supply of nuts will be running low, but I’ll be very, very well behaved.

  13. …a Costco Maple Oat muffin. I don’t do one more than every other week or so, but I’m confident that my doctor would TASER me if she knew that I ever let one of these sublime taste treasures even come within arm’s reach…

  14. Southern Beale some things go without saying. You read each entry, then append: “and bacon.”

  15. Elspeth:
    “I blame it on hearing Nigella Lawson talk about the pleasure of food earlier in the week. 😉 I want to be her when I grow up!”
    I wanna DO her when I grow up!
    A three-inch strip steak with fries cooked in manteca.
    It’s my Saturday treat – and yes, I’m saving up for by triple-bypass operation.

  16. I agree with Southern Beale. Bacon is the candy of meat.
    But my personal guilty pleasure is North Carolina (eastern division) barbecue. Goddamn, it makes me apologize every time I see a pig.
    “I’m sorry you’re so delicious.”

  17. pecan praline cheesecake fudge.
    no kidding.
    I had some a year ago at TP&WD’s Expo.
    It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy.

  18. President’s Choice Triple Chocolate Fudge cookies. *sigh* Failing that, green curry, which is so full of fat it packs the pounds on my lower abdomen just thinking about it, but is really really tasty.

  19. Sunflower seeds or salted pistachios. Just can’t figure out how to incorporate bacon in them.

  20. A large 3-way Skyline Chili plate. No guilt if done in moderation.

  21. Second the (eastern) NC BBQ. Also: Nacho Cheese Doritos, chocolate ice cream, double-stuffed Oreos, SweetTarts, and cold Beefaroni straight outta the can.
    Yes, I’m quite aware I need help.

  22. I’m a nut nut too. I can mow through a can of mixed nuts in one sitting. I like nuts so much I even take the trouble to crack and pick hickory nuts and black walnuts; hickory nuts for cookies, black walnuts for spice and/or banana bread.

  23. Pulled pork. Crawfish. Ribs. (Memphis style) Fried pickles. Fried catfish.
    All at once!

  24. Simple, unadulterated cheesecake: just cream cheese, eggs, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla (and graham cracker crust, of course). No flour, chocolate, raspberry swirl and fergawdsake no peanut butter.
    Next to that, a real N’awlins King Cake. And a bowl of chicory coffee cafe au lait.

  25. Ooooo, Lex, we must be separated at birth. I’m with you on everything but the Beefaroni (but I do love the ravioli).
    As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here eating my leftover Halloween candy–SweetTarts, Chewy SweetTarts and Spree. Mmmmm…
    And Missy, I’m with ya on the cheesecake. I’ll never understand the need to adulterate cheesecake with other stuff. BTW, we were in Nashville a couple of weeks ago and went to a place that had…wait for it…cheesecake ice cream. Mr. BuggyQ announced this to the table (he’s always first to read the dessert menu) and made 8 women make some rather orgasmic noises. He said that’s probably the only time he’ll ever make that many women make that noise at the same time. I said it better be…;-)

  26. BQ: I just levied the Daddy Tax on my kids’ bags.
    But here’s the thing: This probably was the last year my oldest will trick-or-treat. So, because I’m a liberal and refuse to cut back, what will I be doing next year in the face of a reduced tax base? Why, RAISING TAXES, of course!

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