Weekend Question Thread: Five Things in a Box

This is a game someone whose fiction I used to read would play. Say you’re meeting me for the first time. A week before we meet in person, you send me a box with five things in it, to see, or touch, or smell, or taste, to tell me everything about you. The box can be as large or as small as you like, but it must contain five things and five things only.

What’s in the box?



18 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Five Things in a Box

  1. Doc says:

    1) My classic car
    2) A DVD containing the 1983 NCAA final, the 1984 BC/Miami game and the 1980 Olympics (cheating, I know)
    3) A copy of a student newspaper I advise
    4) A picture of me, the Missus and the Midget
    5) A snipit of Star Trek IV, where Kirk and Scotty have the discussion about how they’ll never get home because the Klingon Crystals are dead and Kirk says, “Impossible. There’s no way we’ve come this far to be stopped by this.”

  2. MFA says:

    What’s in the box? Seriously, after the SNL skit, that’s asking for trouble.

  3. Sandman says:

    1) A gift certificate to Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia, MO
    2) A copy of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”
    3) Last year’s family Christmas picture
    4) Pair of drumsticks
    5) My iPod

  4. left rev.,HardCoreNana says:

    1) a Mayan fertility idol
    2) a copy of Bishop Spong’s “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”
    3) a set of drumsticks
    4) an old dog collar
    5) an empty ring box
    This was fun 🙂

  5. gyma says:

    1. my passport
    2. library card
    3. my laptop
    4. a pair of gardening gloves
    5. a copy ofThe Impossible H.L. Mencken

  6. Schwa says:

    1. My medical bag with a big honkin’ Red Star and an admonishment to Serve The People. Looks more or less like this one:
    2. A copy of An Invitation to Indian Cooking, by Madhur Jaffrey.
    3. A copy of the Dance Like Nobody’s Watching sheet music, by the Suburban Legends (transcribed by Mikey Hachey).
    4. A copy of Deus Ex, by Ion Storm, inc.
    5. A list of blogs I read.

  7. Dan says:

    1. A picture of the family.
    2. A copy of my book.
    3. A video game controller.
    4. My walkman.
    5. Joe Lieberman’s left ear.

  8. liprap says:

    1)My honking big glassblowing pipe and punty set.
    2)A copy of Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy”.
    3)The goofy blue giggly hippo flashlight (squeeze its handle and it giggles and lights up out its mouth) that is the only battery-operated toy we regularly replace the batteries on.
    4)Velvet Underground Live MCMXCIII album. Sterling Morrison died shortly afterwards, so it’s the last time the Velvets got together as a band (hell, they didn’t need Nico, really, they didn’t).
    5)My son’s latest work of art. I think it was done in Cray-Pas or something similar – a vase of flowers on black paper with a pitcher pouring water into the vase, and a different vase of flowers depicted on the other side of the paper.

  9. The Other Sarah says:

    my clips book (A will probably be the only one to grok that reference)
    a SAC patch
    a picture of my truck
    a copy ofUhura’s Song
    a bit of catfur-yarn

  10. Adrastos says:

    1) A copy of Gore Vidal’s collected essays, United States.
    2) My iPod.
    3) My iBook; especially for the family photos both old and new.
    4) My political button and ephemera collection.
    5) A food related relic to be named later…

  11. 1. A well-used harmonica
    2. Beneath A Panamanian Moon (a novel)
    3. My wedding ring
    4. A fountain pen
    5. My dog tags

  12. gilead says:

    glorious sunshine.
    quietness and warmth and shade
    and a gentle breathe.

  13. pansypoo says:

    coffee beans, kaleidoscope, cookies, cats, um,…

  14. BuggyQ says:

    1. A copy of Clio, A Muse, by G.M. Trevelyan
    2. A copy of Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis
    3. A DVD of my chorus competition performance
    4. One of Mr. BuggyQ’s photographs
    5. A DVD of Charade.
    And The Other Sarah, that is one of my all-time favorite books. Evan Wilson = Best. Mary Sue. Ever.

  15. pansypoo says:

    if i added my CD collection(no ipod) it would just confuse you.

  16. missy says:

    a picture of my son and me in our newly won blackbelts, a small bottle containing sea glass and Gulf Coast sugar sand, my cheesecake recipe, an ancient rusty boathook I found on the beach in Hawaii, and the first Valentine J. every made for me

  17. FeralLiberal says:

    A bottle of my wine, a jar of herbs du provance, a piano key, a feather from a red-tailed hawk, and a rose from one of my bushes at the FeralFarm.

  18. The Other Sarah says:

    Evan Wilson rocks, Buggy Q.
    The “domain name” identifications on my family’s household network are all species names from various SF universes. Mine is Sivaoan.
    I used to imagine her as being played by Gillian Anderson.

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