Unlucky 13

My former Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson (of $90k in the freezer fame) was sentenced on Friday the 13th to 13 years in the slammer. Dollar Bill’s sentence sets a new Congressional crook record topping Duke Cunningham’s by 5 years.

It’s a pathetic end to what should have been an inspiring life story.Here’s the money quote from the Picayune’s account of yesterday’s sentence hearing conducted by Federal Judge TS Ellis:

“I have no doubt you have led an extraordinary life;
you have accomplished a great deal,” Ellis said to
Jefferson, who stood before him in a dark suit and blue
shirt. “It makes this even all that much sadder for me
and many others.

“Obviously you are a man of great gifts. It is a
tragedy these gifts have been squandered.”

The 13-year sentence represented an ignominious end for
Jefferson, who rose from the humblest beginnings in the
small northeast Louisiana town of Lake Providence to attend
Harvard University. He went on to become the first
African-American to represent Louisiana in Congress since
Reconstruction and a senior member of the powerful Ways and
Means Committee.

He raised five daughters, each with undergraduate and
graduate degrees from prestigious universities.

Jefferson was brilliant but greedy. He was dubbed Dollar Bill way back in the 1970’s by his one-time mentor turned enemy, then New Orleans MayorDutch Morial.

Greed will get you every time.

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