Consequences for Partisanship


That commie bastard Al Franken broke the rules. He actually had the
temerity to introduce a bill that made Republicans look bad when they
voted against it. Somebody’s going to have to talk to that guy.That’s very uncivil.

Al Franken ran for the Senate last year, the former “Saturday Night
Live” star had to reassure skeptics that the fierce partisan attacks he
lobbed at Republicans as an author and radio host wouldn’t define his
style as a legislator.

But because of one of his first pieces
of legislation, Democrats now have their most brazen attack line of the
emerging 2010 campaign season: that Republicans are insensitive to rape


This is why Politico’s a bunch of smug morons. In the real world, there are no consequences for partisanship. People didn’t vote Republicans out of office in 2006 and 2008 because they were mean, partisan jerks who failed to use the right fork at dinner. They voted Republicans out of office because Republicans failed to make their lives better.

They may say in polls that they want Republicans and Democrats to work together, but that’s just because we have as a country absorbed so much total bullshit from Dr. Phil that we think we really do have to learn everything we need to know in kindergarten. Saying you think people should be nice to each other is what you’re supposed to say. It’s like saying you despise negative campaigning and the killing of tiny puppies. In reality, we are not all that complicated a political people. We want our lives to not suck, and if on balance we could be on the side of the person hitting somebody in the face rather than the side of the person getting whalloped, that would be nice too.

I know Politico and their ilk likes to put out there the idea that it matters or something, if people are nice to each other, but really, nobody gives a damn. It’s not that freaking complicated. Do stuff that makes people happy and you’ll keep getting elected. Do stupid crap that no one wants and you won’t. How you speak to one another really doesn’t mean anything at all.


3 thoughts on “Consequences for Partisanship

  1. Unfortunately for those of us with a memory…
    Bi-partisanship did not emerge as an word ever used by the village until the Dem’s won the house in 06.
    It is total bullshit which is only raised when the Democrats are in control. It is code for we are a center right nation when in fact on all the major issues, Americans are to the left of all Republicans and a lot of Democrats.
    It is a corollary of the Lieberman Duality Principle: With a few Democrats and all but a few Republicans you can do a lot of evil and with a few Republicans and all but a few Democrats you can do a lot of good.

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