‘The Most Beautiful Word In The Language’

Dr. A and I were recently the youngest people at a dinner party in Baton Rouge. It was thrilling to be at the kids table as it were. It was a gathering of people who were mostly over 75 among whom was aLouisiana legend, Victor Bussie.Mr. Bussie, who is now 90, was the head of the AFL-CIO in the Gret Stet for 41 years and he remains proudly, defiantly and adamantly liberal. His wife, Fran, was there as well. Ms. Bussie was one of the first women in the South to call herself a feminist. I dropped the name of my friend, NOLA political punditClancy DuBos and she said: “You can tell Clancy that he’s still a young whippersnapper as far as I’m concerned.” Ah, the joys of hanging out with the elderly…

Mr. Bussie told some very juicy stories about everyone from Earl Long to Edwin Edwards to Mary Landrieu most of which are off the record. I asked him why he hasn’t written his memoirs and he said, “Well, if I did that I’d have to tell the truth and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” Mr. Bussie is a class act and a very kind man.

Back to the post title, someone asked Mr. Bussie if he was as liberal as ever, after affirming that he was, he said: “Liberal. That’s the most beautiful word in the language.”

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