Sarah Palin Makes It All Okay

Your Very Serious Liberal Media:

TheNewsweek cover, then, cheeky and ironized though it may be,
is less a knock on Palin than a nod to her—a recognition of the fact
that, say what else you will about her (and there is, of course, a lot
of ‘else’ to say), Palin has in some sense normalized the notion of
women in politics.

Yes. Alone out of everybody from like Abigail Adams on up, SARAH PALIN has made it okay to be an awesome hottie in political life.

Kill me. Do it right now.



7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Makes It All Okay

  1. I finally realize that the Beltway Bubble is hermetically sealed and they’re rapidly running out of oxygen.

  2. Seems like the only talking point the Village is allowed to say regarding Palin and her new book is “…she’s attractive!”

  3. Well, and lately when I get into arguments with people about her they always begin with “… and you have to admit she’s a fox!”
    Yes. Yes she is. She’s very pretty. She has five kids and still has a body I would kill and eat someone for. I will gladly stipulate now and for all time that she’s a babe. So?

  4. She probably has stretchmarks and backne. She ain’t all that and she DEFINITELY isn’t leadership material.

  5. I wonder if Palin and Prejean are normalizing women in politics or making sure the image of women in politics is rather sexist.

  6. I keep wondering how much money Pfizer made on Via*ra sales in the DC area when McCain introduced her.
    Must have been tons of old Republican farts fantasizing about getting winked off by her, which is exactly what she wanted them to do.
    That way, she figgered no one would notice how incredibly fuckin’ stupid she was.

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