Bloggers Are Such Assholes!

The Internet is so mean to Candy Crowley:

The blogosphere has been awash for months, I discovered, in other
incisive speculation about CNN’s senior political correspondent: She
must have had a face-lift. No, it had to be gastric bypass. One genius
wanted to know if she would change her name to Salad Crowley.

Now we know. A career of sophisticated political observation, graceful
writing and determined fairness earns you this: speculation about your
metabolism and guesses about your turns under the surgeon’s knife. Such
is the wonder of our ever-freer public discourse.

Yet even we who admire Crowley couldn’t help but notice the change.

Right. The blogosphere (all blogs, even the ones about knitting, even the ones about keeping bearded dragon lizards as pets) is so terrible. It’s so terrible and rude and unholy that the LA Times decided to validate all that speculation in “our ever-freer public discourse” with a huge story and a photo. Because that just proves how much better the LA Times is than all those unwashed screwheads online.

You know, there have always been gutter-minded assholes in the world. As much as I say all the time that I thank God there was no modern-day Internet when I was in high school and college, we really as humans haven’t changed all that much because of it. All the Internet has done is made it possible to realize what gutter-minded assholes other people are without leaving the comfort of our living rooms. There is no impending Internet apocalypse. Our public discourse is the same as it’s always been.

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3 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Such Assholes!

  1. Remember how the blogosphere went crazy in the 90s, speculating and obsessing about Clinton’s cock for years on end? Oh, wait, that was reputable media like, say, the LA Times.

  2. So I suppose her career of sophisticated political observation, graceful writing and determined fairness includesthis channeling of Murrow:

    As for the press corps, they really weren’t that bad. I don’t think I was ignored any more than most other small-time reporters, most of whom were pretty nice people who just had lousy jobs. But the cool kids, the people working for the big papers and TV stations who really loved hobnobbing with all the pols on the plane — they were a pretty disgusting group in some ways. I think the one image that will stick with me is Candy Crowley (CNN) jamming fistfuls of complimentary chocolate chip cookies into her mouth in a bus in Houston (the Kerry campaign had given us all free cookies wrapped in American-flag-patterned bandanas) and talking about Kucinich. She’s got this huge waterfall of crumbs coming out of her mouth and she’s talking about how ugly Kucinich is. That to me summed up the whole campaign press crew, right there.

    If the writer won’t admit she’s a lazy, mean little hack I don’t have any interest in his other observations.

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