Our Lady of Wingnut…


…patron saint of, like, you know, the Barnes & Noble at the mall? OK, so much for trying to imply a mall rat accent, and also, yes, my graphics have lately had a religious theme, which is part random chance…and part to note a certain religious, um, interpretation I don’t find particularly useful or enlightening.

Anyway, is it just me, or were the “crowds” gathered to express their adoration rather…homogenous? Additionally, the percentage of people who consider her qualified for high office is remarkably similar the percentage of people who in the end approved of the previous administration, which I don’t think is coincidental. And I’ll bet (I’ll betcha!) if you looked closely, you’d see people who’ve genuinely BEEN left behind (which might explain at least in part the popularity of the Left Behind books), people who feel victimized (hmmm…just like their patron Saint Sarah), people seething with resentment and filled with a super-sized desire for revenge…

And, another you betcha, Pox News is playing it for all it’s worth. Now, thankfully, I don’t have to actually watch them (and right now I couldn’t afford a new teevee, which I’d need after kicking the screen) —The Daily Show ‘s been doing that quite well, and yesterday chronicled a fair number of ‘real Americans versus effete-librul-snob-elites’ remarks on the network…maybe not quite “us against the rootless cosmopolitans,” but damn close enough.

In other words, full metal culture war.

The numbers still suggest, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that this “movement” doesn’t comprise anything close to a working majority…but it’s plenty big enough to do some real damage if they consider that an acceptable consolation prize…

6 thoughts on “Our Lady of Wingnut…

  1. They are flooding the radio here in SE MI with commercials about her book. I finally turned the radio off.
    The commercial before her Barbara Walter’s interview was saying Palin was a maverick.
    Someone with a lot of money is trying desperately to cram Palin down everyone’s throat. I wonder what she promised them in return. It would be interesting to find out the rich dudes behind this.

  2. What about comparing the crowds around Palin that Ellen DeGeneres generated in Tucson today by a twitter to gather with copies of her photo layout in a certain location.
    So will Ellen be the next Repub darling?

  3. Wish I’d made just a slight adjustment to make Palin’s face fit a little better. Oh well–I’m just an amateur.
    Anyway, what’s scary is what she represents: an extremely aggressive anti-intellectual movement that, at least until they actually did it, would/will happily drag society down to their level and then some.

  4. then WHY is the gnews trying to get her more people by OBSESSIVELY covering her like she matters??? REALLY! the MASSES have spoken. and the gnews REFUSE to hear it. what does MAJORITY HELL NO! MEAN???

  5. I love how afraid libs are of this woman. It’s comedy gold. If she said ‘boo’, you’d all run into walls trying to get away from her.

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