4 thoughts on “‘1867 called. They want these douches back.’

  1. I’m ashamed to admit it, but being born and bred in the South, I’m releived to see that this is in Pennsylvania – Penn’s woodland, Quakers, Northern State – instead of a Southern State.
    OTOH – come on. We are supposed to be civilized. Even if the football game is the prompting (notice I didn’t say reason as I don’t see a reason to justify it), what kind of dunderhead couldn’t forsee that a burning cross has all sorts of unsavory overtones.

  2. Like crosses never got burned up north before.
    Back in the ’20s, there were so few African-Americans in the Pacific Northwest that the Klan — which was active enough to have a major influence on state politics in Oregon — had to find other venues for their bigotry and one of the groups they settled on was the Catholics. My wife’s family had been homesteaders west of Portland since before the turn of the century, but even they had a cross burned in their yard. Much as you might want to blame it on migrants from the South, some of those anti-papists had to have come from elsewhere.

  3. on the brighter side. my cousin will be just fine in MADISON, WI with her new adopted ethipian baby. it’s the united colors bennetton.

  4. Eh, there’s a reason they call the parts of Pennsylvania that aren’t Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and Erie are called Pennsyltucky; having spent quite a lot of time (2+ weeks per year for almost a decade) in the small towns in the western half of the state, it’s about as backwoods-hillbilly-rural as I’d ever care to see. There are people there who are theextra large size box of Ignant McNuggets, with a large fries to boot.

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