An Open Letter To Betsy Markey

Dear Congresscritter Markey,

Enjoy the salutation, because that’s as civil as this letter is likely to get.

Nice work there on the health care reform vote. You must be proud to be the only member of the Colorado Democrats in Congress who voted no.

Let me tell you what you’ve won with that vote:

1) A demoralized base wondering if you’re worth voting for, let alone walking the pavement for like many did in the last election. I was one of them–three Saturdays in a row before the election, walking door to door, despite my decrepit knees. Yes, I was mainly doing it for Obama, but I was doing it for all the Democratic candidates. People like me won you that election. And we can lose it for you, too.

2) The votes of probably ten independent voters who might have been swung by this vote. The others probably would have voted for you over the Republican or the Republican over you no matter what.

3) A Democratic leadership who will remember this vote the next time you have something you need for Colorado. Thanks a lot, Betsy. You gave us two fuckings for the price of one.

4) If I have anything to say about it, you’ve won a primary challenge that will make your ears bleed. It’s just not enough for you to be better than Marilyn Musgrave. (Hell, that’s like being better than getting shot with a nail gun, or better than living on Venus, or better than…oh, hell, fill in your own blank: ______________________________________________________________________________)

5) A lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni, though you’ll have to talk to Nancy Pelosi to get it.

Remember this: you cannot win this district without the enthusiastic support of the Democrats living here. When Karl Rove is telling Democrats they need to run to the middle, you know that’s political suicide. You blew this one, Betsy. All you can do now is hope that you get a shot at redemption so you don’t end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Americans want health care reform. They want a public option. They want this, and if you give it to them, they’ll reward you. If you stand in the way, they will punish you.It’s that fucking simple.

A concerned constituent, a.k.a. BuggyQ

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Betsy Markey

  1. I love the sentiment, but politicians don’t give a shit what we think when they’re sucking hard on that big corporate dick. I’m sure HMO, insurance and Big Pharma cash is just dripping off her chin right now. (Sorry, I just read “Rude Pundit” before stopping by here.)

  2. I wrote a similar letter to my own Blue Dog Critter, John effin’ Tanner — and last night I found out (thanks to Rachel Maddow) he is a card-carrying, fully-vested member of C Street’s The Family. 🙁 Great. Just great.

  3. We now need to beat the drums loudly so the Democrats in the Senate thoroughly understand that if they don’t support a genuine public option health care bill they will face a well financed opponent in the next primary they run in. MoveOn has accumulated about $4 million towards doing just that, and that is only the beginning. Of course senators arrange very good paying “jobs” in the industries they are supposed to regulate as a cushion to losing the next election. I don’t know how to compete in that game.

  4. As an independent who voted her in, I am quite proud of the responsible track she is taking. Thumbs up for Markey so far, thumbs down to the letter.

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