Let Me Explain, Then, Josh

It’s pretty simple:

“I’m just worried he’s going to win this argument for months before he gets executed.”

This is Chris Matthews from a few moments ago on Hardball, worrying
about the propaganda victories he fears KSM will win spouting jihadist
propaganda while on trial in New York City.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, I simply do not get this.

HE’S A COMPLETE AND TOTAL MORON. Oh, my God, he’s just such a kitchen appliance. He’s a blender. Maybe a whisk. He has the wide world experience of your average two-year-old. He’s just a fucking idiot. If you make it any more complicated than that you will once and forever lose the fucking thread.

Everything these people know about life outside their bubble, they have learned from TV and the movies. EVERYTHING. Tweety is picturing something he saw in a movie once, maybe, where a defendant gets up and makes an impassioned speech and the judge starts crying and everyone agrees that this man should go free to murder and terrorize no more.

He saw Inherit the Wind, maybe, and he thinks it’s like that. All the time. For everything. From traffic tickets on up. He thinks this is an episode of Law and Order. He quite possibly thinks of this as equivalent, both in national import and in general characteristic, to the OJ trial. Certainly it’s going to get covered like that.

He’s just a ginormous dumbass.


6 thoughts on “Let Me Explain, Then, Josh

  1. Thanks for this. I think I’ll be able to handle Tweety better now if, each time he opens his yap, I first think, “Oh yeah. He’s a moron.”

  2. Let us not forget that this is the guy who literally drooled over Bush’s carrier extravaganza.
    Edward R. Murrow would have seen it for the cheap PR stunt that it was, and said so.
    Tweety McFucknozzle wasenamored of this major-league phony. Ever after, there has beenabsolutely no sane reason to believe he has even the slightest shred of intelligence.
    I’m surprised his head hasn’t imploded from the vacuum inside it.

  3. This is the part that gets me: He’s really NOT a moron, although he so often plays one on teevee. In fact, his book “Hardball: How Politics Is Played, Told By One Who Knows The Game” is actually a very good book and was on the required reading list for a friend who was getting her masters in government at the local Ivy university. (I never would have believed it if she didn’t make me read it.)
    Diabetes does affect memory and cognitive function. Maybe he’s like a third-concussion football player sent back out into the field by his owners because, well, they just don’t care. He’s a brand name, after all.

  4. Did anyone else notice the upsurge in wife killings that was caused by the OJ trial? And, wasn’t that because of the impassioned propagandist speeches that OJ made during the trial? We really should just take the word of the prosecutors that people are guilty and not give them this opportunity to harm our beloved country so much.

  5. Hey, kitchen appliances have a use! And if you buy right, you get a multitasker. This guy has all the functionality and usefulness of a cotton ball on a greasefire.

  6. [[Certainly it’s going to get covered like that.]]
    No, it isn’t, for one simple reason: For good or ill (and in general I think it’s for ill but in this case I’d make an exception), there are no TV cameras allowed in federal courtrooms.

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