Palin Booed By Hoosiers

And I’m not talking about Michael Palin either: he’s the nice member of Monty Python and he’s a bona fide writer to boot. Anyway, “author” Sarah Palin crapped out of a book signing at a Borders in Noblesville, Indiana without signing all the copies. Here’s how her “fans” reacted as her tour bus hit the road, jack:

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4 thoughts on “Palin Booed By Hoosiers

  1. pansypoo says:

    she may be loved, but gosh darnit, she doesn’t love you, just your $.

  2. zemo says:

    @ :50 begins the shrill of sought-after victory: “Sign our books!” “Sign our books!” “Sign our books!”
    The horde is VERY determined to get their scraps.

  3. montag says:

    It’s not exactly her Elmer Gantry moment, but, the crowd’s restive. May open hostility dog her all her days.

  4. Now that’s mavericky, you betcha. What a self-important, self-absorbed QUITTER!
    “Writin’ mah name is hard werk doncha know! Sommun grab Lt. Tragg, er, Trig and lets blow this popsicle stand…all these books on shelves are makin’ me want to think…and I smell B.O. on these peasants…”

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