Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – more odds and sods edition

Good morning everyone! I’d like to interrupt the Hostiliday proceedings for some late-breaking snark.

The moderators at Free Republic have an interesting job – trying to keep a lid on the bigotry, racism, and overall batshit craziness, without alienating all the bigoted, racist, and batshit -crazy people who make the site what it is.

They pulled this one, for instance, but“we be fast, and they be slow!”.

p>Google Apologizes for Offensive Image
of First Lady

Washington Post ^| November 25, 2009 | Garance

Posted onWednesday,
November 25, 2009 5:03:48 AM

Ruta Search engine behemoth
Google is apologizing for image-search results delivered for first lady Michelle
Obama that show the No. 1 image of her online to be a racist caricature.
apologize if you’ve had an upsetting experience using Google. We hope you
understand our position regarding offensive results,” says a house ad from “the
Google team” served up in conjunction with image results for queries on the
first lady’s name.
“Search results are a reflection of the content on the
web. Our search results simply reflect what’s out there,” Google spokesman Scott
Rubin explained. “According to the way our algorithm works, when we try to
deliver the most relevant search results based on other pages that link to it
and so on, this is what is returned.”
He said it was possible that the image
ranked so high because people were linking to it to condemn it, but noted that
there was no way for the company to know for sure. Page rank is the result of
“more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms,” according to Google.

“Because the image is offensive to many, we felt it was important to explain
to our users why an image like that would appear,” Rubin said.
The racist
image was previously removed by Google in response to a complaint by Search
Engine Roundtable, which objected that “If you conduct a search in Google Images
for [Michelle Obama] you will see a racist image in the number one result.”

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PhotobucketThis is the image of the First Lady as posted throughout the
Personally, I don’t understand at all what the brouhaha is all
I think the First Lady should consider it a compliment as it is a
definite improvement.

1 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:03:49 AM
p>To: lbryce

the No. 1 image of her online

To me, this says it all.

2 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:07:52 AM
byP8riot (I carry a
gun because I can’t carry a cop.)

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: lbryce

Why the hell is it racist? WaPo states it as a fact. It’s
simply an age-advancing software image which never makes you look better.

Even me.

9 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:11:49 AM
byThrownatbirth (…Iraq Invasion fan since ’91.)

And now –the punch line:

To: lbryce
Let’s not cheapen this site with trash.

4 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:09:25 AM
byAlways Right


To: All
I apologize to all who find the posting of this story not up
to the standards of Free Republic and agree thatfor some this post deserves to
be removed.

17 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:19:43 AM
bylbryce (Obama
Notwithstanding, America’s Best Days Are Yet To Be .)

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: lbryce

The article was ok, but we didn’t need the picture or the
comments. Even though it was done routinely with Bush which was childish, there
is just a history of portraying blacks as monkeys that just screams

19 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:22:05 AM
byAlways Right