Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – more odds and sods edition

Good morning everyone! I’d like to interrupt the Hostiliday proceedings for some late-breaking snark.

The moderators at Free Republic have an interesting job – trying to keep a lid on the bigotry, racism, and overall batshit craziness, without alienating all the bigoted, racist, and batshit -crazy people who make the site what it is.

They pulled this one, for instance, but“we be fast, and they be slow!”.

p>Google Apologizes for Offensive Image
of First Lady

Washington Post ^| November 25, 2009 | Garance

Posted onWednesday,
November 25, 2009 5:03:48 AM

Ruta Search engine behemoth
Google is apologizing for image-search results delivered for first lady Michelle
Obama that show the No. 1 image of her online to be a racist caricature.
apologize if you’ve had an upsetting experience using Google. We hope you
understand our position regarding offensive results,” says a house ad from “the
Google team” served up in conjunction with image results for queries on the
first lady’s name.
“Search results are a reflection of the content on the
web. Our search results simply reflect what’s out there,” Google spokesman Scott
Rubin explained. “According to the way our algorithm works, when we try to
deliver the most relevant search results based on other pages that link to it
and so on, this is what is returned.”
He said it was possible that the image
ranked so high because people were linking to it to condemn it, but noted that
there was no way for the company to know for sure. Page rank is the result of
“more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms,” according to Google.

“Because the image is offensive to many, we felt it was important to explain
to our users why an image like that would appear,” Rubin said.
The racist
image was previously removed by Google in response to a complaint by Search
Engine Roundtable, which objected that “If you conduct a search in Google Images
for [Michelle Obama] you will see a racist image in the number one result.”

(Excerpt) Read more

TOPICS:Breaking News

PhotobucketThis is the image of the First Lady as posted throughout the
Personally, I don’t understand at all what the brouhaha is all
I think the First Lady should consider it a compliment as it is a
definite improvement.

1 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:03:49 AM
p>To: lbryce

the No. 1 image of her online

To me, this says it all.

2 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:07:52 AM
byP8riot (I carry a
gun because I can’t carry a cop.)

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: lbryce

Why the hell is it racist? WaPo states it as a fact. It’s
simply an age-advancing software image which never makes you look better.

Even me.

9 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:11:49 AM
byThrownatbirth (…Iraq Invasion fan since ’91.)

And now –the punch line:

To: lbryce
Let’s not cheapen this site with trash.

4 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:09:25 AM
byAlways Right


To: All
I apologize to all who find the posting of this story not up
to the standards of Free Republic and agree thatfor some this post deserves to
be removed.

17 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:19:43 AM
bylbryce (Obama
Notwithstanding, America’s Best Days Are Yet To Be .)

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: lbryce

The article was ok, but we didn’t need the picture or the
comments. Even though it was done routinely with Bush which was childish, there
is just a history of portraying blacks as monkeys that just screams

19 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:22:05 AM
byAlways Right


p>They really, really don’t get it, do they? Somewhere, in what passes for their minds, white people have routinely been insulted racially as “monkeys”.

To: lbryce
if they don’t like it, they can clickout same as they
clicked in

25 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:29:10 AM


To: lbryce
It may not be to everyone taste, but it’s definitely
newsworthy IMHO.
No, not when you say:
“I think the First Lady should
consider it a compliment as it is a most definite improvement. “

you make it about US at FR distorting and smearing Michelle Obama. THAT makes it
beneath us.

15 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:18:54 AM

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: Yossarian

My comment was conveyed in a sense of utter sarcasm and
regret it was lost on some of you.

21 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:23:08 AM
bylbryce (Obama
Notwithstanding, America’s Best Days Are Yet To Be .)

div class=”ecxecxa2″>To: lbryce

My comment was conveyed in a sense of utter sarcasm and
regret it was lost on some of you.
Horsecrap. It was slime, and you know it.
It’s obvious with every post here you make. (e.g. “Forsome, this thread
should be pulled.”)

23 posted onWednesday, November 25,
2009 5:25:01 AM

I guess they just weren’t listening when “Big Jim” Thompson posted this (and the fact that he felt like heneeded tosays volumes):

(edited for clarity and space)

Message to all liberals and leftists from ‘Jim Thompson,’ owner of

| July 15, 2009
| Jim Thompson

Posted onWednesday, July 15, 2009 3:43:56 PM byJim Robinson

I’ll tell you what. The dozen or so insults made by about a
half-dozen anonymous members of the general public on an Internet forum
were disgraceful. So we pulled them.

We pulled them because they are racist, but let me now try to weasel-word my way out of it.

But they’re really a
disgrace to insults in general and to the professional race-baiters of
our main stream media that hurl them on a daily basis.

Shorter Jim Thompson – “The racists this place allows to post aren’t as bad as the ones that don’t post”

Our guys
don’t hold a candle to the professionals that have spent the last ten
years or so pummeling the Bush and Cheney families with thousands of

..all of them racial, of course. See? He’s made the jump from racism to insults in a single paragraph. Next he’ll link insults to brussels sprouts, and Big Jim hates brussels sprouts, and won’t hesitate to have posts about them pulled.

every damned day in every newspaper, magazine and TV network
broadcasting to the public. Even the movies. Even in the halls of
congress, in school rooms, in our churches.

Damn those churches, anyway! And you know you can never turn of the viewscreen.

We are bombarded daily by a constant stream of insults hurled by liberals, socialists, Marxists and leftists of every stripe.

That would be because you’re a simpleton with the moral compass of a Bundist.

members and children are not immune from the daily barrage of insults
from professionals and amateur leftists alike. The Internet is chuck
full of insulting comments, photo-shopped photos,

All of which end up here.

cartoons so bad that
they should be ashamed to publish them in their daily papers, but
publish them they do. And laugh. Freaking hypocrites!

laugh about the insults hurled 24 hours a day against Sarah Palin and
her husband and little girls. Even the tiny helpless little Downs
Syndrome baby is not immune from their hateful insults.

Big Jim? News flash for ya, babe. When a “Marxist” (not that you’d recognize one if he walked up to you and sangKrasnoe znamia)says that Palin is trotting Trig out as a prop, it’s not an insult to Trig.

Racism? Monkey sounds? Right. Do a google search on “Bush Chimp” and see what pops up.

Like I said – you really really really don’t get it, do you, idiot boy?

Bush is just as much a human being as Michelle Obama. And just as
American. The only difference is George Bush is proud to be an American
and proud to defend his country while Michelle Obama was ashamed of
America for her entire adult life. Defend America? Right. The Obamas
wouldn’t lift a finger to defend America. They’d rather destroy it and
destroy all it stands for.

You’re a nutcase.

Bush is a monkey. Bush is a chimp.
Bush is a gorilla. Bush is a subhuman knuckle dragging mongrel. He
sometimes makes funny monkey faces, even funny monkey sounds. We all
have. I have. You have. Michelle Obama has. Monkey see, monkey do. Get
used to it!

Get used to being a nutcase.

Poor white trash live in trailer parks. Poor white
trash live in slums. Poor white trash also live in ghettos. Many people
who aren’t even poor white trash live in trailer parks, slums, barrios
and ghettos.

Many who aren’t poor, white, ghettos, or trailers live somewhere or other! Flagoom! Orner porner flapdoodle! Waugh!

“Dressed like someone from the ghetto” can’t
possibly be a “racist” insult unless you’re assuming all black people
and only black people come from ghettos.
If you are making that
assumption and are personally insulted by such comment, then look
around. You may be a racist.

Why, it’s all so simple when you explain it that way. It’s not you and your flying monkeys that are racists, it’severybody else. Of course – how logical!

Ok, I think I have this figured
out. It’s absolutely ok for the left to trash any conservative, even
children and babies, but it’s absolutely against the rules to return
fire. The left can hurl out the insults, but cry like banshees when it
comes back on them.

Speaking of insults doing harm to sweet
little girls, how much harm is done to a child when Obama authorizes
so-called “reproductive health” professionals to reach up into a womb
and literally rip a human baby limb from limb and remove its lifeless
carcass bit by bit when if left alone, it would have been a bouncing
little baby boy or girl just moments later.

And now posting pics at Free Republic of the POTUS and his wife as monkeys has magically turned into the subject of abortion. It’s like he’s free-associating everything he hates and has forgotten what his sick little screed was supposed to be about. It’s turned into BLACKSLIBERALSABORTIONSTAKEMYGUNSMOVENEXTTOMEAAAGHAAAGHMARXISTSWANTMYMONEYHATE THEMALLKILLTHEMALLAAARRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

That’s the supreme insult. It’s a gross insult to
every human being on this planet living or dead. It’s an insult to life
itself. It’s an insult to humanity, to human decency. It’s a slap in
the face to God the Creator of all life. We will all pay a price for
the disgraceful American Holocaust. Fifty million innocent American
lives slaughtered on the altar of liberalism and the count is growing
daily. Butchers!

FReep you and the smug, arrogant, hypocritical high horse you rode in on!

My name is Big Jim Thompson and I approve this message.

No, Big Jim –fuck YOU. Thank Providence that you and your ugly sycophants are dying off.

Go directly to Hell, do not collect $200, and may the Saint who casts you down be black..

p>Well, now that I’ve spoiled everyone’s breakfast, more old odds and ends after the jump.

p>Oh, look!Teabaggers teabag each other on conference call!‏

FREEPER CALL TO ACTION: The “Telephone Tea-Party” Starts Wednesday. Stay Tuned

Telephone Tea Party ^

| 10-03-09
| joinedafterattack

Posted onTuesday, November 03, 2009 12:46:24 PM byjoinedafterattack

Freepers, get ready for THE first national “Telephone Tea Party.”
Massive exposure is planned and every freeper will be called upon to
join this “telephone tea-party.” Patriots, get your dialing fingers
ready!!! Details will be announced Wednesday morning.

(Excerpt) Read more

Freepers, get ready forTHE first national
“Telephone Tea Party.” Massive exposure is planned and every freeper
will be called upon to join this “telephone tea-party.” Patriots, get
your dialing fingers ready!!! Details will be announced Wednesday

posted onTuesday, November 03, 2009 12:46:25 PM



posted onTuesday, November 03, 2009 12:51:13 PM
(USAF.68-73..8th TFW Ubon Thailand..never store a threat you should have eliminated))

That’s one.

To: Doogle

You got it. Ready to catch those dirty rats.

posted onTuesday, November 03, 2009 12:52:32 PM

That’s two.

To: joinedafterattack

If you cannot get to Wash DC on Thursday, visit your Congressman’s local office!

posted onTuesday, November 03, 2009 1:06:39 PM
(Defund the Left!)

That’s two-and-a-half.

p>And that’s the whole thread. All of it.

No word on whether they could get anybody but them to join the call or pay the last bit of attention.

I guess the next step down after this is “Join the teabagger email thread”.

p>Uh oh –mind messed up marxists are playing with his head!‏

Nidal Malik Hassan Is A Palestinian Islamic Terrorist.

Posted onFriday, November 06, 2009 12:16:59 PM byArmaggedon

Hassan called his god great in front of witnesses and victims, then
Hassan murdered our men and women in cold blood. He is an assassin and

There I said it. Am I a rascist(sic)? It is time we wake up
and speak our truth. We have been backed into a corner by the radical
college crowd.

…with their clove cigarettes and fancy “grammar and “spelling” tests.

These mind messed up Marxists are trying to play with
our heads. They run most of our media. They are destroying our schhols(sic)

Well, apparently they did destroy your English classroom.

Obama and his crowd are wolves in sheeps clothing.

How did a
jihad terrorist who called for Muslims to attack our troops get to stay
in the army as a Major? The free nations of this world are fighting for
their lives against wickedness in high places. Time we leveled the
playing field. Time to clean house.

God bless Ammerica(sic). America bless God.

And bless America God !

posted onFriday, November 06, 2009 12:17:02 PM

Arm a’geddin sick of this tripe. (sorry)

To: Armaggedon

How can this be? Right after it happened, the FBI said it was not a terrorist act.

posted onFriday, November 06, 2009 12:21:21 PM
(Proud Member of the Un-American Domestic Terrorist Movement)

Let me explain it to you. He isn’t a terrorist any more than Charles Whitman was a terrorist.

Nidal Malik Hassan is a mass murderer. Mass murderers don’t care about inducing terror, other than in their victims. They don’t delude themselves into thinking that their mass murder is going to change any countries’ policies. Even Tim McVeigh wasn’t that batshit crazy. They snap, and just want to get back at people around them, even if they’re not the exact same people. They are there, and they’ll do.

p>Next –Howdare REAL soldiers not boo Obama like us chickenhawks!‏

Hooting and Hollering at Fort Hood Memorial for Obama, DISGUSTING!

| Myself

Posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:57:32 PM bydila813

FoxNews Now

This is disgusting, this is a Memorial not a Campaign Event.

Obama didn’t even tell these people to shut up, he was struggling not to smile and wave.

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:57:32 PM

div class=”a2″>To: dila813

Obama is lower than pond scum.

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:58:21 PM
(“Has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God?” -Mark Lowry)

div class=”a2″>To: dila813

So the military guys are “hootin’ and hollerin'”?


posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:59:16 PM

div class=”a2″>To:dila813

Now he is turning it into a Diversity Celebration

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:59:18 PM

Yeah! Who let all those blacks and Jews and such into the military, anyway?


To: dila813

Did he give a “shout-out” to anyone?

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:59:33 PM

div class=”a2″>To: dila813

Please tell me it wasn’t soldiers doing the hooting and hollering…

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:59:45 PM

div class=”a2″>To: dila813

Are you saying the military folks are doing this? I am appalled.

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 1:59:48 PM

Let this sink in for a moment.

This jerkoff is appalled, becausethe soldiers he professes to care so much about are cheering their Commander In Chief. I suppose he’d like it better if they threw watermelon slices at him.

To: dila813

Members of our military are acting disgusting?

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 2:00:30 PM

div class=”a2″>To: dila813

No, the Military is too disciplined for that, it is the crowd.

Who’s in the crowd, if not military?

posted onTuesday, November 10, 2009 2:01:43 PM
(You need to lock it up, Major…)

The couch potato commandos are not pleased. That’s just too damned bad.

Lastly, we have – Say it ain’t so, Joe!!!‏

blockquote>Joe Wilson: Don’t Censure Graham (Joe Wilson defends Lindsey Graham)
Politico ^| 2009-11-13

Posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 3:36:42 AM byrabscuttle385
With local Republicans trying to censure Lindsey Graham over his
apostasy on, in particular, energy and climate issues, the state’s
highest-profile conservative is standing by him.

(Excerpt) Read more

1 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 3:36:42 AM byrabscuttle385

div class=”ecxa2″>To:upchuck; SC Swamp Fox


2 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 3:37:00 AM byrabscuttle385 (Purge the RINOs! *

Did he just tell someone named “upchuck” to barf? Sounds kinda redundant to me…

To: rabscuttle385

Lindsey Graham has been a great leader for our
state and party. I appreciate everything he has done for me and his
tireless work in helping Republicans at all levels of government. He’s
a team player. Ronald Reagan always said that people who agree with you
80 percent of the time should be considered a good friend. Reagan was a
wise man and if we want to build a strong, vibrant Republican Party we
should follow his advice.

Hey Joe, get stuffed! Ronald Reagan would NEVER have countenanced what you are trying to sell here.

4 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 3:50:02 AM byDon W (I will praise Him.)

…or propose an amnesty program for illegals, or grow the Federal budget and defecit, yeah, yeah, I know the routine.

St. Ronnie has become some kind of tabula rasa for these whack-jobs. They project their fantasies and prejudices onto the blank slate of Reagan and gurgle with joy.

To: rabscuttle385
I guess Wilson had his fifteen minutes of relevance…just wonder if he will ever yell “You Lie” to Grahamnesty?

5 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 3:50:08 AM byUCFRoadWarrior (The Return of America)

From what I read above, I’m thinking “no”.

To: rabscuttle385
“Lindsey Graham has been a great leader for our state and party.”
You lie.

8 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 4:44:14 AM bydixiedarlindownsouth (Coming soon to a bookstore near you, Barack Obama’s “How to win friends as you screw your country”)

To: rabscuttle385

Hey, Joe Wilson. I want my money back!

You were stupid enough to give him money???

We have to wait another 5 years or so to get Lindsey, but you can leave
next year if you like. I for one am damned sick and tired of RINO’s and
politicians who enable them.
This is my party, dammit, and I refuse to leave it or to compromise
even one of my principles. If you abandon principle, what you are left
with is pragmatism, mother of every scourge foisted upon western
civilization since the French Revolution.

The Republican party is THE Conservative party. If a third party is
necessary as so many here and elsewhere are now advocating, let the
RINO’s form it, or conform to our conservative principles.

The RNC will be along in a moment to tell you to fuck off.

I don’t have
to get along with anybody.I’m too old, frankly, to care for one second
whether or not I am liked by somebody or other, or whether I might just
offend some hyphenated group or another’s delicate sensibilities
insisting that my government limit itself to the constraints placed
upon it by our Constitution.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use so many words to say“You kids get off my lawn!” before.

If the good Senator from South Carolina isn’t happy representing
conservatives in the Republican Party he needs to get the hell out. If
he is still there in 2014, we will throw him out on his ass.

In your fever dreams, grandpaw.

Personally, and I know this will send some flak my way, I would be more
comfortable with Graham switching and voting as a Democrat, which he
already does, than I am right now with him misrepresenting MY party as
anything other than a conservative party, which it isn’t.

That’s my 2 cents worth which given the current value of the USD, isn’t worth much.

9 posted onFriday, November 13, 2009 5:18:41 AM byRearden (Deo Vindice)

You got that right. Not even worth the electrons it cost to view it. You just be sure and keep demanding that the RNC just quit and put you in charge some more, now. I’m sure it’ll work as well as anything else in your life has.

p>Well, back to the bad Holiday Video wars!

Ms. Tommy T and i are heading to Playa Del Carmen next Saturday for a well-deserved vacation week, so there may or may not be a post next Monday. Play nice in the sandbox, all.

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    Oooh, I’ll bet Big Jim has issued a fatwa against the Guardian’s Steve Bell for all those cartoons of Bush…

  2. virgotex says:

    “Amateur leftists?”
    I prefer “hobbyist”

  3. anonymouse69 says:

    “. . .insisting that my government limit itself to the constraints placed upon it by our Constitution.”
    Conservatives really DO believe that it’s just a “goddamn piece of paper”, don’t they?

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