Weekend Question Thread

At a non-political forum I frequent, they have what’s called an anti-crush thread, where you list your biggest turn-off in a potential partner or even a friend. To me it’s the same thing it’s always been, thanks to my Grandpa’s good advice: Somebody who’s mean to the waiter or waitress in a restaurant. Someone who picks on people who can’t fight back.

What’s yours?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Oh, please. Just one? There are too many to pick from for that. Of course, your stipulation about people who are dicks to service industry workers applies.
    As for the others? Let’s see–anyone who’s an Ayn Rand disciple is not getting to first base. Ditto Jesus freaks. People who end everything they write with “lol” annoy the living shit out of me.
    How much time are we allotted for this, anyway?

  2. I’m with granpa on that one BUT my biggie is intelligence. I am really turned off by dumbassery. Smoking is another and then there’s self-righteousness.
    Too many to list, really.

  3. A maaaaajor kill switch? Somehow using me as an audience member to attempts to be some imagined, idiotic idea of cool- happened to me once with a guy in high school who seemed to have me there simply to show how cool he was while smoking in my face and just generally being an asswipe – and showing everyone in a public place he could do this all in the presence of a girl he was (barely) taking out.
    Oh, he showed me he could smoke like a chimney, all right…but I didn’t need to be there when he lit up, and I certainly didn’t consent to more of the same after that night from hell. The decision was made immeasurably easier when I saw that this guy was truly as dumb as a box of rocks. PLUS no sense of humor whatsoever. Oh, crud, don’t set me off…

  4. I’m with grandpa on this one A. An overactive sense of entitlement is sort of the umbrella under which being mean to wait staff is just one entry.

  5. just 1? no can do. voting republikan is BIG. i can’t respect that in a mate. hairy back big. DON’T SLURP! it’s low class.

  6. There’s a certain smug stupidity among some folks who’ve been rewarded, sometimes quite generously, for being mean, vindictive, while also petty and small-minded. Sort of like Basil Fawlty, but without the humor.
    You often find them lurking around in middle management positions, and I do my level best to avoid all contact.

  7. Dang, Jude – no wonder we don’t talk anymore…I can’t help it I try to laugh when I can…it releases good endorphins, so I even put it in my msgs.
    As to the point at hand…what Grandpa said. But then, having dated a chef – seeing them being OVERLY nice to the help – hearing about linen closet antics…that’s not a good thing unless the chef is doing his girlfriend in the linen room…and he never did (to me).
    Meh – love is like the Lotto – it’s something that just isn’t that into me…no matter how hard I try or easy I take it. (leaving off the offensive trio to signify I chortled)

  8. …aside from Grandpa’s observation – the manifestation of which will find you trying to scrounge up a ride home from somebody else in my world – mindless self-absorption is a total turn-off. People like that can be “all about me” somewhere else…

  9. Smoking, definitely. I’ll see an attractive person on the street, and go, “Hey, sie’s pretty cuu–aw, cigarette, gross…” But that’s sort of like pre-screening; those people never even get to the date stage.
    Once I’m already dating someone, offenses that will get you kicked to the curb include being a Martyr/Whiner (thanks, Charlotte!), being a Fixer*, not knowing how to behave in public, and not listening (dammit).
    A good example of a Fixer would be the unfortunate personage in the thread above, who thinks that if we all just made kids sing Christmas carols, they wouldn’t be violent…somehow. A Fixer is a socially-engaged person who wants to make things better, but who is also totally clueless and usually a big heapin’ helpin’ of stupid into the bargain, and self-centred enough to not care whether the solution is practical/doable/workable, so long as it makes the Fixerfeel better, or like they’vedone something.

  10. Similar to A’s: not liking animals. I can get not liking a particular type of animal. I had a bad experience with a raccoon, and I can’t get over it. But I’m talking about animals in general. And I especially dislike it when people don’t understand how attached other people can get to their pets. You want to kill my crush? Tell me my Clio was “just a cat.”

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