25 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Being the first in my family to go and graduate from college. My brother started college but failed out and my sister refused to take the required science/history courses and quit. It took me a little longer than 4 years but I did graduate. Now, my family may not have celebrated this as special, but, man, I sure am proud that I did it.

  2. Faith in God. Nevertheless, HEAR YE! O HEAR YE!! I’m having a BIG-OL party celebrating our resurrection on my drawbridge in Heaven after our demise. So, why don’t you meet me Upstairs? God blessa youse.

  3. Raising my kids. It was also the hardest job, which more often than not, was my fault. But the oldest taught me how to be a pretty good dad. They all turned out alright, I’d guess.

  4. Having a hand in raising my now-seven-year-old little wild man. And having the chutzpah to pursue hot glassworking when I had many people trying to convince me otherwise.

  5. Getting my Master’s degree. Going from being unemployed and broke to working at a long-term job with $10K in the bank in 18 months (especially since I make less than $30K/a).

  6. Well, for one thing, I got a Master Angler Award for a 23 pound carp.
    And raising two successful, independent (are they ever), daughters.

  7. Kept faith with my ex throughout the course her chronic and increasing bipolar affective disorder until her death; supported her for twenty years after she left me; raised her kids since she could not.

  8. Well, organizing the Spocko defense was a blast, but I’d like to think I could top it (or at least have a successful repeat) before I hang up the blogging thingy for good.

  9. M,S, in Water Resources Engineering. I earned this 20 years after gaining my B.S. and 20 years after taking my last calculus calss. I forgot a lot in that time. In addition, I was working full time and raising three (then four children) alone. I got a divorce while pregnant in my last year. Many times I almost gave up. I do not know how I found the strength to accomplish this, but I am proud of it.
    You really can do anything you set your mind to if you are stubborn enough.

  10. I’d say my son, but he’s his own accomplishment, not mine. I’m one of those who believes you’re born with 95% of who you are, and your parents and society have maybe a 5% influence around the margins (save for the truly horrific cases of abuse, etc.). L. came into this world fully formed, with the Thompson Y-chromosome smartass gene intact, and with an innate sense of fairness and love for humanity – without any need for religion to hold those up – that make a parent proud.
    That said, I am still enormously proud that he and I achieved our tae kwon do blackbelts together: he at 8, and me at 40. And while I can’t take credit for his black belt, I did pay the $750 testing fee for each of us…

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